Tips for first time gallery display of photographs?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by JimNorton, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. JimNorton

    JimNorton Guest

    I've been invited to display some of my work in a Seattle Washington
    gallery. Now I've never had my work displayed at a gallery before so
    I'm looking for tips for those of you who have experience with this.

    I am going to display 3 or 4 photographs each in about three print
    sizes. Of course I am going to mount the prints on mats and mount the
    "display prints" that will be hung on the walls in frames.

    Couple of questions:

    1- Should I just go ahead and frame all the prints?
    2- What sizes are typically safe to go with that sell well?
    3- Should I include a business card with my prints?
    4- What about pricing? Is there anything such as a standard range for
    prints of various sizes?

    What other things do I need to think about?

    Thanks all,
    Jim Norton
    JimNorton, Jun 16, 2006
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  2. JimNorton

    Diluted Guest

    the gallery will probably help you with a lot of this if you ask them
    nicely, but I'll add my insights.

    1. some galleries use their own frames, some do not, so check with them.
    one gallery ive been to use the same size black frame for every photo and
    just cut a different window mount for each image. however your gallery
    might not do this and may want your input on how your work is seen.

    2. think about how it will look on the wall. if you are doing 10x8's they
    will look TINY once on a gallery wall. I recently printed some 30"x30"
    prints mounted on MDF and they still looked quite small once they were on a
    big white wall. I wish I'd done them 40"x40" as a minimum.

    3. business cards are always good. in this day and age people forget what
    they see so quickly because life moves so fast. if possible include an
    image on your business card to remind them who you are. if your budget
    allows, try to make a catalogue or flyer.

    4. price comes down to what you want to charge. most galleries ive come
    across generally take 50% of what the print sells for. take into
    consideration the time that you have put in, all the costs involved, and
    then profit for yourself. of course you cant charge lots if you arent too
    well known. if you have a good name for yourself you can of course charge

    other things to think about are as i metioned before possibly a catalogue or
    flyer (maybe a folded one). it helps people remember you. publicity is a
    big deal too... if the gallery dosent do any publicity for you (which they
    should) you should look into that yourself - it dosent have to be expensive,
    just target the right areas - newspapers, journals, magazines. most of them
    will have listings of exhibitions.
    hope this helps.
    Diluted, Jun 18, 2006
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