Tony Polson's Portfolio Photos

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Dmac, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Dmac

    Dmac Guest

    Many of you know this fellow from his rather eloquent and seemingly
    expert posts about the technical aspects of cameras and their various
    accessories... But did you also know he is a Professional Photographer
    who claims to have had cover shots on a reputable magazine - Paris Match
    and he is also an accomplished train spotter? There must have been a mix
    up in his photographs or his name because when I asked the editors for
    the edition numbers he had supplied photos for, they didn't know who I
    was talking about! ...Hmmm.

    Well this man also claims to shoot 50 rolls of film a week and take
    building inspection photographs as part of his daily workload. In fact
    I can't recall a section of Photography he hasn't claimed mastery over.
    To listen to him rattle off his long list of achievements you'd be
    forgiven for thinking you were in the presences or a rare photographic

    When he starts to lambaste working Professionals, you start to get the
    feeling he must take some really fantastic photos himself to have the
    balls to take on someone who owns a Photographic business and makes a
    living from their trade, eh?

    Well, I'd like to invite all and sundry to view this self proclaimed
    expert's portfolio of British trains. Please feel free to pass critical
    assessment on them as he has done so many times with other people's

    Just scroll down a few lines until you reach "Tony Polson" as the
    contributor and click the images. Absolutely amazing photographs. Far
    more than I'd expect from such a vocal supporter of himself. Can you
    imagine what the ones he withholds from publication must look like? The
    mind boggles at this Fraudsters capabilities... And people actually
    engage him in conversation as if he was what he claims to be.

    ROTFL! Go ahead, make my day! More ROTFL!!! Now all we need is some
    Wedding photos from Randall Ainsworth to complete the circuit!
    Dmac, Jun 11, 2006
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  2. Dmac

    Pete D Guest

    Douglas i think you will have to look elsewhere to find someone that
    actually gives a toss.
    Pete D, Jun 11, 2006
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  3. Dmac

    Jeff R. Guest

    Doug, would you care to take a look at
    and pass judgement on the quality/ composition/ suitability/ etc of this
    little print?

    Its a Xmas card that my Granddad received some years ago. The b/w print is
    only a little more than 50mm square, so what you see in the jpg is about
    what you get in the flesh. I've pixellated out the sender's name for the
    sake of relative's privacy.

    So... Whadd'ya reckon, huh?

    (dSLR content: Geez I'm having fun with my D50 - sadly, I like it even more
    than my *1stDS.)
    Jeff R., Jun 11, 2006
  4. Dmac

    Dmac Guest

    You missed my point Jeff.
    Polson has for at least 5 years passed judgment on other and promoted
    himself as some sort of Photographic Guru. These are the only published
    examples of his "Professional" Photographer claims.
    Dmac, Jun 11, 2006
  5. Dmac

    Pete D Guest

    Yes Douglas it is certainly time to send out the "Professional" Photographer
    Police and tell him off.

    Oh Doug, just in case you missed it, this is Usenet, where even you can say
    stuff and no one will care that much at all!
    Pete D, Jun 11, 2006
  6. Dmac

    tomm42 Guest

    The photoeditor from a modeling agency I have worked for recent said
    that she has never had one photographer compliment another, That is
    probably whats going on here.

    tomm42, Jun 11, 2006
  7. Dmac

    Jeff R. Guest

    Don't think I have missed the point, Doug.
    The train photos I saw seemed adequate to the task. Noisy, granted.
    Imperfect exposures, sure. Composition probably limited by opportunity. One
    has to ask, however: "What was the brief for the photos?" Were they
    intended to be covers for an international glossy, or just snaps intended to
    ID some big machines?

    Are they his "only published examples", or just the only ones we know of?

    Back to the quaint little xmas card. Does it betray a professional hand?
    Does it look like it was produced by a skilful practitioner? Could/would
    any of us do better, with our snazzy new CanoNikOlymPentaxes? Is it
    adequate - or even *good* for the intended use? Should the photographer be
    proud of it - proud enough to distribute it?

    In the context of passing critical judgement on a fellow photographer's
    published work, I think its fair enough to use this example to set
    standards. Yes?

    Cheers from chilly Sydney
    Jeff R., Jun 12, 2006
  8. Dmac

    Mark² Guest

    We all take images for different reasons. Some are for framing, and others
    are for publishing. Some are for simple nostalgia, and others are for
    documentation of our own experiences. I don't think you or I are in any
    position that even remotely resembles preparation to make a judgement in
    what his purposes were in those particular shots, but I suspect they were
    the first two. I note that they are very much in keeping with the
    tendencies of the images posted by others on the site.

    When you post superior work, Doug, perhaps you'll have room to talk. So
    far, I haven't seen it from you. I make no claims of greatness, because I
    don't believe I merit it. But you've made ridiculous claims for years now
    about your own photographic skills, Doug, and given the level of your own
    preposterous claims, you...of all people, should be slow to slam.

    That said, I DO appreciate when people post examples of their own
    work--whether it be great or mediocre. This DOES lend a certain level of
    credibility, or at least a context for placement of their blatherings. Tony
    might want to consider this, but in the mean time, I'm not prepared to make
    the assumptions you are making here. Some of the most talented people are
    irritating (Take me, for example...ha ha--kidding about the talent part, at
    I fully recognise my tendency to grate...

    Mark², Jun 12, 2006
  9. Dmac

    Mark² Guest

    Oops! Note the correction with the addition of the word, "not" above!

    Mark², Jun 12, 2006
  10. Dmac

    Pete D Guest

    Pete D, Jun 12, 2006
  11. Dmac

    Dmac Guest

    Mark² wrote:
    So far markie old boy, you and Polson have a highly similar lack of
    social skills and an uncanny willingness to insult and criticize anyone
    who disagrees with anything you say. I wonder why? Are you the sort of
    jerk who yells at people on the telephone but is quiet and polite in
    person? It certainly sounds like it.

    What on earth makes you feel so forthright in your insults and
    condemnation you think you can do with a keyboard what you would get
    cuffed over the ears for if you tried it in person?

    No way in the world would you insult people face to face, the way you
    do on Usenet. Do you do it because you think you can escape a personal
    confrontation? If you do, you are a member of an elitist group of idiots
    who without provocation or reason, attack other who do no more or less
    than communicate their views, findings and opinions to others with a
    similar interest.

    Not good enough for you though, is it? You, Tony Polson and Al
    Denelsbeck both grow ball big enough the tackle Hulk Hogan every time
    you log on to Usenet. What's the problem with you, Markie? Your missus
    belt you over the ears when you don't eat all your dinner or something?
    Make you hand over all your earnings so she can control your rampant

    Your comments about my Photography are at odds with those of my paying
    clients... Who should I concern myself about? You, with an over fertile
    imagination and an attitude to match or those who provide my living by
    buying my photographs?

    Get a life, fool. You'll find no joy in your quest to tumble me with
    your twisted wit and stupid attitude problems. Get some help before you
    delude yourself into thinking you can insult a real person and not have
    them retaliate.
    Dmac, Jun 12, 2006
  12. Dmac

    Mark² Guest

    You're a funny guy, Doug.
    --You create a brand new thread for the sole purpose of ridiculing someone,
    and then you make accusations of condemnation.
    That's funny.
    Who created this new thread for that purpose alone, again?
    -Not me, chump.
    BTW--My joking (see above in the "( )" was a cut against MY OWN talent, you
    Mark², Jun 12, 2006
  13. Dmac

    Pete D Guest

    Mark, don't try and make sense from his postings, no one ever has, it is
    totally futile.
    Pete D, Jun 12, 2006
  14. Dmac

    Mark² Guest

    Bravely spoken...from your safe corner of Australia...

    How ironic/predictable.
    Mark², Jun 12, 2006
  15. Dmac

    Dmac Guest

    Good new Markie, old boy... I'll be in you neck of the woods in about 11
    weeks. Want to try again then?
    Dmac, Jun 12, 2006
  16. Dmac

    Mark² Guest

    Yes, I know... Doug's "issues" are well known to me.
    I tried to be gentle, but he's always a ticking bomb...
    Mark², Jun 12, 2006
  17. Dmac

    Mark² Guest

    Try...what again, when, and for what?
    Mark², Jun 12, 2006
  18. Isn't this a classic case of "the pot calling the kettle black"?

    In many previous posts we have all witnessed Douglas professing his
    Canon-bashing (and at times very suspect) photographic knowledge and in many
    ways promoting himself as a professional photographer ...

    .... and yet no true professional would act in such an immature &
    unprofessional way as Douglas has in this very thread (and many (most?))

    Note to Douglas: "Professional is as professional does". Seems to me like
    Tony Polson is a lot more of a professional than you'll ever be.
    Mick Anderson, Jun 12, 2006
  19. Dmac

    Pete D Guest

    Pete D, Jun 12, 2006
  20. Dmac

    Dmac Guest

    Come on Tony... Stop clowning around. Do you think you can use this sock
    puppet and fool who? Yourself? OK. The fool is fooled.
    Now show us you pictures mate, tell us the Paris Match magazine edition
    number you shot the cover for. Come on, prove you can actually take a
    picture with that camera phone thing. Behave like a "real Professional"
    prove you are one.

    Your news server coughs up some interesting information: is an open source based project based on Debian GNU/Linux which
    aims at offering some services for free but with a good overall quality.
    All our services are accessible from every IP address and don't require
    neither a UserId nor a password.
    Dmac, Jun 12, 2006
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