Top 10 list of the worst mistake in wedding photographer

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Gauthier Michel, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. I do not do wedding photo, but I often see them. I live by a location where
    an average of 5 weddings photoshoot takes places on every saterday.

    I saw some stupid action from wedding photographer. Here is a few and please
    ad some.

    1: I saw someone taking a picture of a black bride and white groom in direct
    sunlight at 2 p.m. on a very sunny day, no fill in flash, no bounce, no
    reflector while the shade of a majestic tree was available.....ouch

    2: While taking serial shoot of the family (all lined up, mother father,
    girls bride, best man etc), the photographer had his equipment on a tripod.
    All of a sudden, the ''bouquetière'', the cutest little 5 years old in a
    white dress with flowers, went to lay down on an part of a horizontal branch
    under a 200 year old three.... being late in the season, the leaf had
    wonderfull colors and lit everything that they protected....including the
    little girl. A scene to die for. But the wedding photographer did not bring
    a second camera, and did not want to mess with his setup so he ignored the

    3: That same photoshoot as number 2.... everyone was bored with the photo
    and you could see the fake smile and emotion. Again this is late in the
    season so the soil is covered in multicolored leaf. All of a sudden, a
    burst of wind and the leaf starts flying around the couple, the groom grabs
    her wife closer, the hangs on her dress, for 4-5 seconds, real smile and
    emotion... The wedding photographer looks at them and say....We will wait
    untill the wind settle to continue.....OUCH!!!!
    Gauthier Michel, Nov 13, 2007
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  2. Gauthier Michel

    Celcius Guest

    Are you talking about a Pro photographer here or a "Rebel
    XT-carrying-would-be-photographer" ;-)))))
    First, you're short of 7 mistakes.
    Second, I beg to differ. Pros "set-up" the scenes: the rings, the blessing
    or whatever, up and down the aisle, the group shot in front of the church,
    the fathers-mothers-bridesmaids, etc.. They would most likely miss the
    little girl (#2) under the tree. A wannabe photographer, however might not
    have a tripod and if a GOOD wannabe, wouldn't miss the little girl. I know
    my wife wouldn't.
    Third, you may be forgetting something very important. There are good Pros
    and good wannabes. There are also bad Pros and poor wannabes ;-)
    Fourth, and this is the most important point, there are clients who may
    prefer the photo of the wannabe and dislike those of the Pro.
    To each his own...
    Celcius, Nov 13, 2007
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  3. Gauthier Michel

    Morton Guest


    I'm an amateur photographer for many years, having started with ASA 10
    Kodachrome and Panatomic-X. On several occasions, friends have asked me
    to take their wedding pictures. I pleasantly decline, with a nice
    explanation which includes some humor, suggesting that If I took their
    wedding pictures, they would never speak with me again. I urge them to
    hire a pro with a good reputation, and add that I would be happy to
    shoot the little extras: impromptu moments, close-ups of the cake and
    place cards, etc..In fact, I often get fine pix that would otherwise
    have been missed. This compromise works out nicely all around, and I
    follow Shakespeare's advice, paraphrased, and avoid making foe of friend.

    Morton Linder
    Morton, Nov 14, 2007
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