Top of the line digital SLRs in circulation - are statisticsavailable?

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by aniramca, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. aniramca

    aniramca Guest

    I am curious on how many of those top digital SLRs are there in the
    world. Are there web sites that try to keep track on the numbers of
    each brand name SLRs which are in circulation (used and working)? I
    wonder if the camera manufacturers have the numbers as part of their
    marketing strategy. I am sure that each company has the figures for
    their own brand models. How people can know that Canon sold xxx new
    5D, or 40D 0r 50D for example. Are these numbers can be accessed
    publicly, or can be tracked?
    I wonder which DSLR camera are on top? Canon, Nikon?
    I am talking about limited DSLR lines, such as Canon: 1D, 5D, 10D,
    20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, etc Nikon: D1, D3, D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D90,
    D200, D300, D700, etc. Olympus E-1, E520, E510, E420, E410, etc.
    Panasonic L-1, L-10, etc. Sony A100, A300, A350, A700, A900, etc. An a
    few others (Samsung, Sigma, Fujifilm, old Minolta, etc).
    Thanks for the info.
    aniramca, Dec 31, 2008
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  2. aniramca

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Similarly informally here in Oz, I seem to see slightly more Canon than
    Nikon in slrs, then about equal numbers of Pentax and Sony, and a few
    less Olympus.

    In p&s cameras, I see mainly Canon/Sony, and in bridge/superzooms mostly
    Pana/Lumix but a surprisingly high number of Fuji S/F-series. Despite
    their seeming popularity, I don't often see Canon G-series in the wild.
    Mark Thomas, Dec 31, 2008
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  3. aniramca

    The Henchman Guest

    Here in Canada from what I see displayed and see in people's hands in the
    P+S catagory it's Canon 1 and Sony 2. Fuji are high in sales here but they
    are the cheapest when i glance at the prices but Nikon and Panasonic seem to
    be catching up and I see less new Sonys on display. I don't see much from
    Samsung anymore and I don't know about Olympus.

    In the DSLR It's pretty much a tie between Canon and Nikon with Canon
    leading in prices and promotions against Nikon if you read the weekly
    flyers. Olympus seems to market as much as Sony and most stores that stock
    Dslr also have offerings from Sony and Olympus. Pentax seem to get no
    mention or much space in department stores or big box electronic stores.
    Panasonic don't seem to market in Canada their DSLR's and I wouldn't know
    where to buy them but thier point and shoots are always in full display.
    The Henchman, Jan 1, 2009
  4. aniramca

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Panasonic are not really a player in the dslr field (yet?) - their only
    dslrs to date have been the 4/3 L1 and L10, neither of which seem to
    have made any headway into the market..

    Their new G1 is sometimes referred to as a dslr, but that's more because
    it doesn't seem to fit in any existing category and that's the nearest..
    Mark Thomas, Jan 1, 2009
  5. aniramca

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Need to start from scratch, I think. D-igital is pretty much redundant
    nowadays, as is the Single Lens - there aren't exactly many twin lens
    cameras around. If single lens is taken as meaning viewing thru the
    lens, that is not as important as the type of viewfinder, ie optical or

    I always liked the measurement of sensor/film, ie 35mm, 6x7 etc, so I
    would like to see that in there and of course it is an interchangable
    lens system so IL seems to make sense. But then you end up with
    22_EVIL? Somehow I don't think Panasonic or Olympus will use that to
    market them..
    Mark Thomas, Jan 1, 2009
  6. aniramca

    MC Guest

    I am very well travelled and I seem to experience the oposite. When you
    consider that you get more bang for your buck with a Canon I see this as
    hardly surprising amongs tourists. Does not mean to say that Nikons are not
    common place however.
    Here in the UK Sony seem more prevelant than Pentax.

    I did read somewhere that the number of Canon dSLR sales do slightly
    outweigh Nikon sales. Newcomers to dSLR seem to be favouring Canon. This
    may be because some Nikon kit is, on average, slightly more expensive than
    the equivalent Canon kit.

    MC, Jan 1, 2009
  7. aniramca

    MC Guest

    Maybe so but it is "very" bottom end. The Canon entry level dSLR has always
    had the edge when it comes to specification and therefore has always been a
    better "bang for your buck" IMO.


    MC, Jan 1, 2009
  8. aniramca

    Guest Guest

    they're both bottom end and have comparable features although not
    necessarily the same ones.
    Guest, Jan 2, 2009
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