transfer pictures from SD memory card to internal memory of KODAK Easyshare camera

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Zebra, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. Zebra

    Zebra Guest

    Does someone know if it is possible to transfer pictures from the SD memory
    card to the internal memory of the Kodak EasyShare DX6490 camera.
    Zebra, Dec 31, 2003
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  2. ------------


    Didn't mean to mislead you about how to use the camera to read / download
    (of the card contents.) KODAK says: Insert the card into the camera with the
    camera power OFF then turn power ON and set the memory location to auto as
    follows. This SHOULD allow the card to be read by the camera for downloading
    to the computer via the PRINT (share) function. You do say in a previous
    message that you can see the card images in preview mode, so it is being
    read by the camera. Once the camera memory location is selected (AUTO or
    INTERNAL) the camera will use that setting for ALL functions - presumably
    also including the "share" function and presumably reading the SD card
    contents. You are not actually loading the card contents into the 16MB
    internal storage memory. The card actually becomes an extension of the
    camera internal memory. Set the camera to the AUTO mode as below.

    [from the camera manual]

    [section title] Choosing Internal Memory or SD/MMCCard

    The camera offers two options for storing pictures and videos:

    Internal Memory —Store pictures and videos in 16 MB internal

    SD/MMC Card —Store pictures and videos on a card. The number/length
    of pictures/videos depends on the size of the card. Purchase accessories at
    dealer of Kodak products or visit For
    storage capacities, see page 114.

    Managing Your Storage Location Setting (after inserting the card with power
    1 Turn on the camera.
    2 In any still or video mode, press the Menu button.
    3 Press to highlight Image Storage , then press the OK button.
    4 Press to highlight an option, then press the OK button:

    Auto (default)—the camera uses the card
    if one is in the camera. If not, the camera
    uses internal memory.

    Internal Memory—the camera always
    uses internal memory, even if a card is

    5 Highlight Continue, then press the OK button again.
    The setting remains until you change it and applies to all camera

    6 Press the Menu button to exit the menu.



    Turn the camera "OFF"

    Connect camera to the computer via the USB connection.

    To try and access the card contents via the camera this way: Turn the camera
    "ON" AFTER connecting the USB cable. If the Easyshare software is properly
    installed in the camera / computer you should be able to do the following:

    Select the share PRINT option and (I don't have a copy of the software to
    work I can't say for sure what happens here...but) presumably a
    printer dialog will appear from the computer if it is "ON" and the printer
    is also "ON."

    On the printer dialog there may be / should be, associated with one of your
    installed printers, a "PRINT TO FILE" option - select that and click PRINT.

    A dialog should appear asking for a file location to print to. Select the
    destination folder and click PRINT.

    Hopefully the camera / card contents will print to that computer memory
    location. If it does not work, make a note of any error message you get.

    IF your printer does not support "print to file" try printing one image to
    paper. IF that (printing to paper) works but your printer does not support
    "print to file" I can advise on a freeware PDF (virtual-printer and) driver
    that does. PDF virtual-printers are always set up with a printer
    destination - the printer port - of "FILE".

    Either way, if the Easyshare printing option works from the SD card data, it
    gets the images off the card.

    Journalist-North, Dec 31, 2003
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  3. Zebra

    Zebra Guest

    Dear Journalist,

    there was no misleading in your writing. It was my silly mind that came up
    with the following dedection scheme:
    1. I can transfer pictures from the internal memory of the camera to the pc
    2. I can preview the pictures on the SD card on the camera but I can't
    transfer those to the pc
    3. When I will be able to transfer the pictures within the camera from the
    SD card to the internal memory I might be able to successively transfer them
    from the internal memory to the pc.

    By your great help I already was able to save the 30 pictures with the
    ordinary looking filenames from the card using the PC Inspector program. The
    other 30 pictures I could not recover.

    Meanwhile I brought the SD card back to the shop since I am almost sure that
    this card must have been the problem maker (the second one already). At
    least I hope it is not the camera. Unfortunately I can't check the camera
    right now for they did not sell a different brand of SD cards there. I will
    post two more related questions to this newsgroup in the hope I can get some
    more things clear now.

    Thanks again for your great help.


    Zebra, Jan 2, 2004
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