Transfering Analogue Video > Panasonic E95 > DVD > Web ?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Chris Brady, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Chris Brady

    Chris Brady Guest

    Transfering Analogue Video > Panasonic E95 > DVD > Web

    Please can someone advise.

    The object of the excercise is to transfer VHS/SVHS
    analogue footage to DVD

    1/ for archiving and 2/ for uploading to my web site.

    For this I have just purchased a Panasonic E95 DVD
    recorder with 160Gb hard-drive. I plan to play the
    analogue footage from the original SVHS Panasonic
    camcorder directly into the E95 and store this on the
    hard-drive. Also I can play any VHS footage from my
    Panasonic VCR directly into the E95. In both cases
    hopefully retaining some commensurate quality with the
    original footage.

    My thoughts are that since the analogue video is
    directly captured and digitised by the E95 alone the
    results could be slightly better than using a Firewire
    cable from my camcorder or VCR connected to a capture
    card in a PC.

    Having got the footage onto the hard-drive, and then
    suitably edited, I want to be able to transfer the
    results to DVD-R or DVD-RAM discs.

    The issue then is how to upload the results to the
    Internet. And there I am stuck. The E95 instruction
    booklet (actually more like a technical volume) does
    not describe how to do this. Indeed whilst the E95
    happily replays the newly recorded DVD discs, the
    discs do not play on my PC!!!


    1/ what do I have to do to transfer the digitised
    recordings to a PC,

    2/ what format do I have to convert them for uploading
    to a web site.

    I would like to upload them in MP3 or WMV format, or
    perhaps for RealPlayer-type streaming.

    Also are there any instructional books on how to
    actually use the E95. The instruction booklet whilst
    complex is basically an operations manual.

    Very many thanks - CJB.

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    Chris Brady, Apr 6, 2005
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  2. Chris Brady

    Brian Guest

    What you need is a DVD ripping program that can convert the DVD video
    into a file on your hard drive.
    Take a look at they have many utility programs for
    video and tutorials.

    Regards Brian
    Brian, Apr 7, 2005
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