Tripod mount on Webcam? Need tripod alternatives.

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Rob, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    I am going to buy the Philips SPC900NC webcam and the reviews of it
    say it has a hard time staying on any monitor - LCD or CRT. It also
    has a tripod mount hole which I intend to use since everything else
    about the camera (software, picture quality, etc.) gets good reviews.

    I wanted to know if somebody makes something that goes into a tripod
    mount, but is not a tripod? I need something that can attach itself
    better to a monitor. In other words, I want a PC monitor mount that
    uses the tripod mount hole, but actually having three legs is
    irrelevant. Does such an animal exist for most of these webcams with
    a tripod screw?

    Rob, Dec 16, 2006
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  2. "Rob" wrote ...

    A tripod mount (the hole in the bottom of a camera) takes a standard 1/4-20
    screw .. available at ANY hardware store. Just be careful not to insert the
    screw TOO far into the camera .. you can damage "stuff" in the camera.

    You should be able to make something that would work. For instance .. buy
    (or make) a small beanbag. Poke a hole thru it. Drill a hole thru a small
    piece of wood (or use a large fender washer) Insert 1/4-20 screw thru the
    wood then thru the beanbag. Attach to camera. (you might want to add a few
    nuts and washers .. but you get the idea)
    Richard Amirault, Dec 16, 2006
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  3. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Beanbag? Now that's a good idea.

    Rob, Dec 16, 2006
  4. Rob

    Hunt Guest

    Lowell, amongst others, do many different types of clamps, clips and mounts.
    Depending on what you have available in the general area of the camera's
    placement, you might want to attach a clamp to, say a door, and then mount a
    small ball-head to it, to allow fine positioning of the camera. If you have
    desk real estate, a "table-top" tripod (small at about 5" height and many fold
    up, or spread when in use) with small ball-head for the camera would be
    sturdy, still portable (for placement on other flat surfaces) and not
    expensive. I have one from Leitz (cost a bit more, but I've had it around the
    globe over 20 years) and a tiny ball-head, that still holds its grip.

    Hunt, Dec 16, 2006
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