Trouble with Ulead Video Studio 7 "missing/phantom video"

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Corey872, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Corey872

    Corey872 Guest

    Greetings...I'm just getting my feet wet with some video editing. I
    am trying to open a 71MB MPEG-1 encoded video with UVS7. The video
    plays perfectly fine in my media player (WMP 9.00) and is about 11
    minutes in length. When I try and open/play the file in UVS7, it is
    only about 86 seconds long. This is the time shown in the
    "properties" as well.

    If I attempt to play the video in UVS, it plays OK, but acts as though
    several scenes are cut out...that is until I click and drag the cursor
    to roll back through the file, then some of the "missing" video is
    suddenly available, but will disappear if I release the click on the
    cursor? It's as if the video is hidden on some phantom level?

    Anyone have any idea what the heck is going on?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Corey872, Oct 9, 2003
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  2. Corey872

    Jerry Jones Guest

    In Ulead VideoStudio 7.01, look just below your preview window screen.

    Observe the trim bar.

    If you clip is in the timeline - and - if you have applied edits to
    the clip then it is possible that you are seeing the duration of the
    clip change as a result.

    The horizontal green line below the trim bar will show you whether any
    editing has been done.

    If no editing has been done the line will fully extend from one end of
    the horizontal trim bar to the opposite end (when the timeline clip is

    If edit points have been applied, then the horizontal green line will
    extend from the 'mark in' point to the 'mark out' point.

    Is it possible you have applied some mark in/out points?

    This would cause the clip's properties read-out to reflect the shorter
    duration that you have described.

    By the way, there are some good tutorials for Ulead VideoStudio 7.01
    at the following link...

    Jerry Jones
    Jerry Jones, Oct 9, 2003
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  3. Corey872

    Corey872 Guest


    Thanks for the advice, I will definitely check out the ulead site,
    too. Just to clear up a couple of things from the previous post...

    This issue is occuring before any editing is taking place...even
    before the video is on the task bar. Just opening the video and
    clicking properties gives the incorrect time.

    Also, I mentioned "scenes deleted", well the missing parts are not
    specific "scenes"...more like random chunks of video.

    I have also had more time to investigate. I opened a larger video
    last opened correctly and the "properties" reported 24-bit
    video, 352x240, no compression. So the trouble seems to be with the
    mpeg-1 compressed video.

    Corey872, Oct 10, 2003
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