trouble with Umax Astra 1200S; which scanner for beige Mac?

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Guest, Jan 7, 2005.

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    Guest Guest

    Hello everyone,

    In order to scan photographs for my W3 site <> I
    bought last month a Umax 1200S for my Power Mac 7100/80 AV, based on
    reviews which put Agfa and Umax scanners on top. Installing the software
    was problem-free.

    My PM 7100's SCSI chain looks like this (without scanner):

    controller (ID 7)
    Quantum Fireball TM3200 (int. HD) (ID 0) (int. terminated)
    Matsushita CR-8005A (int. CD-ROM player) (ID 3)
    Pioneer DR-U12X (ext. CD-ROM player) (ID 2)
    Fujitsu M2512A (MO unit) (ID 5) (ext. terminated)

    When I connected the scanner to the SCSI chain, however, by taking the
    terminator off the MO, connecting the scanner with a SCSI cable and
    putting an ext. terminator on the Umax (ID 1), I saw a sad Mac most of
    the time at boot, with these lines underneath: "0000 000F" and "0000
    0001". The last digit in the last line could also alternately be a 3 or
    an A.

    Sometimes I saw the well-known floppy with the flashing question mark,
    instead of the sad Mac. When I put Apple's Disk Tools floppy in, MacOS
    booted up from there. Drive Install Lite showed the Mac saw the scanner
    the MO unit and both CD-ROM players but not my internal HD :-(!

    Then I switched my Mac off and decoupled the Fujitsu and the Pioneer.
    Then I booted, with the Umax as sole external SCSI device. This time my
    Mac started without a hitch. CD-ROM Toolkit however told me my Mac saw
    the scanner and my internal HD but not my internal CD-ROM player :-(!

    Nevertheless, this way I could test the scanner with B/W and colour A4s.
    IMO it works, as far as scanning goes, as you can expect :).

    Thus, do I now need a NuBus SCSI card for the scanner, or is there some
    way all my SCSI devices can live together on one bus?

    If you have any experience with Agfa or other SCSI scanners, I would be
    glad to hear from you :).

    Any useful info. shall be duly appreciated on this NG. You can write
    directly to me, by modifying the address in my .sig :).

    Yours sincerely,
    Seiju Teramoto <macfanaat at cistron dot nl>
    's-Gravenhage, Nederland / The Hague, the Netherlands
    gebruiker / user: Power Mac 7100/80 (MacOS v8.1), Apple //e
    al 22 jaar Apple-fan / Apple fan of 22 years' standing
    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -- Steve Jobs
    Guest, Jan 7, 2005
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  2. Guest

    RSD99 Guest

    Sounds like an SCSI ID conflict. What ID is the Umax 1200S trying to use?

    Change the ID of your scanner so that it does not try to use the same ID as
    any other device. From your list, it looks like 4 or 6 would be
    RSD99, Jan 7, 2005
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