trying to find a price for my minolta dynax 404/maxxum 4 + 28-80mm +75-300 +tamron 2x

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by warp, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. warp

    warp Guest


    i have been googling for days now and i cant find any place that still
    sells the minolta camera,
    i am trying to find a proper price for it. i would relay like to sell it
    over ebay and use the cash i get from it
    to buy a canon 20D. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    another option was to use those 2 lenses on the canon body, but i didnt
    find a place with a proper adapter.
    if anyone wants to buy this model i'll be happy to talk to them.

    cheers, warp.
    warp, Jun 11, 2006
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  2. Considering that Minolta merged with Konica and the new company was
    called Konica Minolta, I'm not surprised. K-M, announced they were
    going to stop selling film cameras and may have already stopped.

    Googling as you call it, is not very good for finding prices of used
    things anyway. The places to look are eBay, check the COMPLETED sales,
    not the pending ones. A better place to look is KEH (

    Note that when you compare prices, KEH is very conservative in rating their
    how the cameras look. All of them are supposed to be 100% opticaly and
    mechanicaly functional. The price includes a two week return privledge and
    a 90 day warranty.

    To summarize, KEH's mint is NEW. Any marks, dust, etc, no matter how slight
    make it Excelent and useage marks, scratches, etc make it a bargain.
    There used to be something in between, but with the market for used cameras
    these days, there is not much need for it. People either want cameras for
    display (mint and excelent) or for use (appearance doesn't matter).

    Ebay is the opposite. Many cameras rated mint would be KEH's bargains,
    and many sellers outright lie. They also have no way of checking a camera,
    so you may find that a camera advertised as working perfectly is broken.
    Avoid "worked when I used it last" as it really means exactly that e.g.
    "it does not work now".

    For some strange reason people ask and often pay MORE than KEH's price
    on eBay. I was offered a "new in box" (with expired warranty) Nikon lens
    locally for $150. I could get one from KEH for $60 in mint with a box,
    book and caps. Excelent ones were around $50 and bargains were around $40.

    There were several sold on eBay for around $60, but one was sold for $120,
    which included a F90.

    My cost from buying from KEH would have been $10 to $30 more depending
    upon how they shipped it. Airmail would have been around $10 with no
    taxes due, Fedex, UPS or DHL would have been $25, plus VAT (16.5%) on
    the total.

    Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Jun 11, 2006
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  3. [ . . . ]
    This is true, but much depends on the seller. I have gotten stuck a couple
    of times buying used cameras on eBay, but the seller generally will take it
    back and refund -- the buyer can make trouble for him on eBay if he doesn't.

    One fellow sold me a 35mm Minolta point-and-shoot as "like new" -- and this
    camera was so far from like new it's impossible he could have believed his
    own description. Much of the silver paint was worn off, showing the black
    plastic underneath, and when I opened the back, the pressure plate fell off.
    He insisted he didn't know it was that bad, but did take it back and refund
    the price and original shipping charge -- I paid for shipping it back to

    But that was one highly unusual purchase out of many satisfactory ones. And
    feedback ratings in my experience are pretty reliable. If a seller has a lot
    of feedback and it's 100% or close to it, I don't hesitate to buy from him.
    Cameta Camera for example has high ratings and is completely reliable. I've
    bought equipment from Cameta since long before they went on eBay, and always
    found them great to deal with.

    Not necessarily. I've seen a lot of people sell collector-type cameras on
    eBay who clearly have no idea what they're selling, often misdescribe the
    cameras out of obvious ignorance, and plainly have no idea whether they work
    or not. Cameras that I've bought that way (mostly 35s from the '50s or '60s)
    in almost all cases have worked perfectly. I've got one or two 35mm
    point-and-shoots that I intend to sell myself on eBay, they DID work fine
    the last time I used them and I presume they still do, i.e. the film
    transport and shutter work fine and they are in mint condition. I'm not
    going to bother putting a roll of film through one to see if the exposure is
    right on, since I know it'll be selling for very little anyway and it just
    wouldn't be worth the cost. I will however guarantee them when I sell them.

    That's something a buyer can always ask a seller about if he's interested in
    a camera. Why some people buy from sellers whose ads say "as is" and no
    returns or refunds, I cannot understand. But many do buy from such sellers.

    Yes, there are crooks on eBay but you can generally tell them by their
    feedback, and often by the ads themselves -- not to mention the exorbitant
    shipping charges some of them demand. But there are a lot of very good,
    dependable sellers on eBay also.
    John Falstaff, Jun 11, 2006
  4. warp

    Alan Browne Guest

    Just get the new Sony A100 (late July availability) for $899 and get 10
    Mpix in lieu of 8.

    IAC, you will not get much for the lenses and body you mention, but they
    will work fine on the K-M 5D, 7D and Sony A100 and future Sony DSLRs.

    Alan Browne, Jun 11, 2006
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