TTL flash question.

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by clandestin_écureuil, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have any definitive knowledge of the compatibility between
    various systems of TTL flash equipment? Are they all dedicated to a camera
    system rather than a TTL standard (aside from the Four Thirds alliance) ?

    So far Google hasn't given me details of the standards as applied to
    different manufacturer's systems. I was hoping to find something like
    Moose Peterson's treatise on film based TTL/SLR flash tutorial, but so far
    have not come close. I want to get a higher rated flash, something with at
    least double the Guide number of my current equipment, but would like to
    have it versatile.

    Secret Squirrel
    clandestin_écureuil, Jun 25, 2008
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  2. clandestin_écureuil

    Mr.T Guest

    Yep, each manufacturer makes their own "standard".
    (I have no idea whether even the 4/3 alliance has a TTL flash standard?
    Never used one myself)

    The only way to do that (that I know of) is to buy a Metz (some models) that
    use one flash head with dedicated TTL modules to suit the camera brand.
    Not sure if it's really cost effective though, you would have to make up
    your own mind I guess. They do make some nice flash guns though if you want
    high power, external battery packs, ultra fast recycling etc.

    Most of the major flash manufacturers make TTL flash units for the major
    camera platforms though (with varying amount of facilities compared to
    manufacturers units) Most fall short if you want TTL multi-flash capability
    though, except with another of their own brand flash. Best to stick with one

    Mr.T, Jun 25, 2008
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  3. clandestin_écureuil

    Jimmy Guest

    yep I haven't found a standard.

    If you do try and use another module/cable on a Metz you will blow the
    flash unit. nikon/canon
    Jimmy, Jun 25, 2008
  4. Thanks.

    I am beginning to think that I need to look at one of the big commercial
    units, Metz or its competitors. I have an old (pre-TTL) Metz that will
    blister paint off the wall if you get too close, but not much use as
    anything other than a slave at the moment. They are a precursor to the TTL
    flashes in that the Thyristor system did much the same thing but still need
    a lot of manual fiddling. I also have access to some big Sunpak systems (as
    long as my father is looking the other way... :) ) but they are also
    Thyristor, not TTL. Someone at work suggested that there were modules in
    existence to allow some of those older units to be adapted to TTL. I'll
    have to look into it.

    Secret Squirrel
    clandestin_écureuil, Jun 28, 2008
  5. clandestin_écureuil

    Mr.T Guest

    Why? You may need to adapt the trigger voltage, but it will still work as a
    manual flash or non TTL auto.
    Frankly IMO digital camera's have made TTL auto *less* necessary, rather
    than more. I use *manual* flash settings far more than TTL.
    (and yet I owned the very first TTL auto flash system, OM2 and QA310)
    TTL flash guns still use thyrister control, and using TTL auto is not the
    panacea for all flash usage you seem to think.
    Better to learn how to properly use what you have IMO.
    Never heard of one. You are probably thinking of adapters that simply
    convert the trigger voltage to that required by modern camera's.
    Readily available BTW.

    Mr.T, Jun 30, 2008
  6. How do you adapt the trigger voltage? It is several hundred volts too high.
    Then please, please enlighten me. I'm all ears. (Well, a few other bits as
    Maybe it was "mis-explained" to me. Tell me about these adapters - please.
    I have asked staff at my local camera store but they just shake their
    heads. I did see an eBay auction that claimed to be selling a TTL converter
    for non TTL flashes with remote sensor inputs, but I didn't bid. It was
    dedicated to another camera system.

    Secret Squirrel
    clandestin_écureuil, Jun 30, 2008
  7. clandestin_écureuil

    Mr.T Guest

    Maybe with an adapter as I said?
    The simple circuit consists of nothing more than an scr and resistive
    voltage divider.
    Commercially available IF you bothered to look.
    That's why you need an adapter, so you don't fry the camera.
    I'm quite happy to teach you all you want at an hourly rate.
    Alternatively you could do some research on your own?
    Or hope someone else here has brand/pricing/stockist details readily to
    hand, that they are prepared to offer you.
    Why don't you search on-line, or check out the ads in Modern Photography or
    Popular Photography etc.
    Not so unusual unfortunately. Most salesmen usually know nothing except what
    they stock, and not very much even then.
    Yeah that's possible I guess. Not so common since there is not much demand.
    Low sales volume would make the price fairly prohibitive I imagine.
    Just as well you didn't bid then :)

    Mr.T, Jul 1, 2008
  8. I did look. When you first mentioned it I asked at the camera store I most
    commonly use, checked eBay etc., but had no success. I then rang several
    large photographic stores in Sydney and Melbourne and found exactly what I
    need. I suspect that the local camera store was not trying too hard as they
    were trying to sell me a new dedicated TTL flash.

    The device that I have now located is far more sophisticated than a SCR
    isolating circuit, it has full TTL dedication to my camera with a micro SD
    programmed for my other primary camera. It will act as a controller for
    several slave flashes still with dedicated TTL response. It was not cheap,
    more expensive than a single dedicated TTL flash, but it will work with
    more cameras and allows me to have a much more powerful flash.
    I don't think so. I asked you to enlighten me with regard to a device you
    mentioned, one that would allow me to use the equipment I already had - as
    you suggested. I did not request any form of tutelage.
    I do research all the time. Your post the other day was the first I have
    heard of such an adapter. It took me two days to find someone in Australia
    who could actually supply what I wanted. Maybe you could have done it
    faster, maybe not, but I also have a career and this is a hobby. My career
    get first priority - time wise.

    All taken care of, as I said. However, what are you doing here if your
    response to a request for information about something you initially brought
    up is to tell people to find the information elsewhere or "teach" for a
    fee? A little curmudgeonly of you it seems.
    I suspect that they know enough to keep quiet about things that will not
    earn them as much income as selling new equipment.
    However this is what I have ended up with, only with more features and
    multiple camera programming. It provides me with dedicated TTL flash
    capability with a Guide number approaching two hundred. That is very good,
    particularly if you like to use bounce flash in large rooms as I do.

    Secret Squirrel
    clandestin_écureuil, Jul 1, 2008
  9. clandestin_écureuil

    Mr.T Guest

    Glad you found what you want then, if you were prepared to pay for the
    And my work AND hobbies get priority over other peoples too.
    I assume you expect to get paid for your career?
    Are you really surprised that my time is just as important to me as yours is
    to you?
    It seems I gave you sufficient information to find exactly what you were
    after, which you admit you didn't know existed before.
    Instead of thanking me, you complain that I didn't do ALL your research for
    I do have better things to do with my life than help ungrateful people you
    That's why they don't bother to stock them in the first place. The sales
    droids wouldn't know in any case.
    Glad you got what you wanted, so maybe it's time to admit I did help you
    after all?
    Not that I really expected thanks, but the bitching seems a bit ungrateful
    to me.

    Mr.T, Jul 2, 2008
  10. Ok, Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. We have different
    approaches to involvement in an online forum, I try to help when and if I
    can. I would never make a post just to tell someone that I wasn't prepared
    to help them.

    Maybe you just had a bad day, maybe it is just your nature.

    Secret Squirrel
    clandestin_écureuil, Jul 3, 2008
  11. clandestin_écureuil

    Mr.T Guest

    Maybe you just can't accept that I did help you.
    Oh wait, your very first sentence contradicts the rest of your rant.

    Mr.T, Jul 3, 2008
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