[Twain API] - Autodetect papersize + "duplex" mode for Canon scanners

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Benjamin Cabé, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I need to write a program to scan documents using "high volumes" scanner
    (Canon brand, 3080C, 3090C and so on).
    I DO need to be able to :
    - set "paper size" to "autodetect" (I can't find the right value, only
    A4, A5, B4, etc etc are available)
    - set "duplex mode" to ... "duplex" ! (but, in fact, I think it's a bug
    in the Canon Twain driver that doesn't take in account the

    Any ideas would be very appreciated......
    Benjamin Cabé, Dec 27, 2005
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  2. There's a free test app called TWACKER on my web site support page that wll
    help to dialgnose the problem by exercising TWAIN get / set capabilities.
    CAP_DUPLEXENABLED may or may not be implemented or implemented correctly in
    UI -off mode. If the Canon TWAIN Data Source supports duplexing with the UI
    on, then you should be able to do it via the TWAIN API, however there may be
    some Registry settings that are being used rather than TWAIN API calls.

    In my experience, just because UI-on modes work does not mean the code was
    fully tested in UI-off mode.

    Stewart DIBBS
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    Stewart DIBBS, Dec 27, 2005
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