UK electronic retailer Dixons to end 35mm camera sales

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Tony Polson, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Tony  Polson

    Tony Polson Guest

    From BBC
    Dixons to end 35mm camera sales:

    High Street retailer Dixons, which started by selling 35mm cameras, is
    to stop stocking the items because of the popularity of digital

    The company has said it will not be stocking any more after the
    current stock of the film cameras runs out.
    Tony Polson, Aug 8, 2005
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  2. Doesn't make any difference here in Wrexham, they closed their shop down
    last year.
    Regards Mike.
    Mike Cawood, HND BIT, Aug 8, 2005
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  3. Tony  Polson

    Adrian Guest

    Mike Cawood, HND BIT () gurgled happily, sounding much like
    they were saying :
    Lucky Wrexham.

    I can't see it making any difference to anything, anyway. Nobody with a
    brain buys ANYTHING from Dixons.
    Adrian, Aug 8, 2005
  4. Nobody with a > brain buys ANYTHING from Dixons.

    there are some of us who have to 'buy' from Dixons.

    Had all my kit stolen last year and Norwich Union Direct gave me voucher for
    Dixons. Got agreat deal on my D70 and 1gig cards and 5 year warranty,
    (thats if they are still trading ;-( )
    John Taverner, Aug 8, 2005
  5. Tony  Polson

    Chris Brown Guest

    Well, quite, In addition to them being very expensive, they're also staffed
    almost entirely by spotty youths who don't know anything about what they're
    selling, and will try to push a pointless "extended warranty" on you, at
    extra cost.

    It's the sort of place where you could imagine the "sales assistant" telling
    someone that a camera with digital zoom is better, because digital is
    obviously better than analogue, or something equally dumb.
    Chris Brown, Aug 8, 2005
  6. Tony  Polson

    Adrian Guest

    Chris Brown ( gurgled happily,
    sounding much like they were saying :
    I do admit to having bought a new Iron from Currys a while ago - John Lewis
    had sold out of the one I wanted, yeronner - and the spotty git tried
    selling me an extended warranty.

    Which cost more than the Iron did.

    I resisted temptation.
    Adrian, Aug 8, 2005
  7. Tony  Polson

    Chris Brown Guest

    And to drop myself in it, I'll also admit to buying injket cartridges from
    PC World, but only because they charge the same as John Lewis and have more
    in stock.

    They don't try to sell me an extended warranty (on a printer cartridge?),
    but do insist on demanding to know if it's for business or personal use. I
    tell them "both", just to confuse their system.
    Chris Brown, Aug 8, 2005
  8. Chris Brown wrote:

    So did I till last week when I opened a new magenta and found someone's
    empty yellow had been popped inside the box. Their own brand.

    Very annoying and not a lot I could do to prove it.

    David Kilpatrick, Aug 8, 2005
  9. Tony  Polson

    Peter Guest

    How true.

    Lately, Dixons seem to have been going through a re-merchandising
    change, removing all kinds of things e.g. PDAs. Now, they sell almost
    nothing useful, except a very small range of digital cameras and
    camcorders. Only their airport stores carry anything interesting.

    I know this is putting a bit strongly but I think Dixons will go bust
    within a year or two. One cannot shrink one's way to success and this
    is exactly what they are doing. Tandy did exactly the same thing, a
    few years ago. They replaced shops which carried a lot of bits with
    very bare ones, and went bust a year or two later.
    Peter, Aug 8, 2005
  10. Tony  Polson

    Adrian Guest

    Peter ( gurgled happily, sounding much
    like they were saying :
    Everybody say "Awwww"...
    Adrian, Aug 8, 2005
  11. Tony  Polson

    Trev Guest

    The Dixon's Shops no longer Have a market. The rest of the group Have P C
    world Have all the computer stuff and digital. Curry's all the Audio range
    and video + digital
    Link the Phones. So Dixon's who started it all is no longer a necessary part
    of the group.
    Trev, Aug 8, 2005
  12. Tony  Polson

    Chris Brown Guest

    Time to get back to one of my pet hobby horses - I reckon that anyone basing
    a large part of their business on selling digital cameras specifically aimed
    at consumers (as opposed to people who would describe themselves as
    "photographers", be they amateur or professional), is setting themselves up
    for a very big fall, and soon. I'm convinced that there is no future in the
    stand-alone digital camera as a consumer product. Models aimed at amateur
    and professional photographers will continue to sell, but the so-called
    "point and shoot" models that people buy to take pictures of the kids, pet
    dog, etc. are doomed.

    And the reason I think they're doomed is because pretty soon, 3-5
    megapixels, possibly with optical zoom lenses, will soon be standard
    specification in mobile phones (at least in Europe and the Far East - north
    America might take a couple of years longer to get there). If someone whose
    only requirement from a camera is that it take occasional snapshots, which
    they either print at a kiosk, or email to their friends already has one in
    their phone, why on Earth are they going to bother buying a digital camera?

    The traditional photographic manufacturers and retailers are in for a huge
    kicking in this area. Low end, snapshot-type photography is going to belong
    to the consumer electronics and phone giants in the next few years, and the
    decline we have seen in 35mm will most likely happen to consumer digital
    cameras as well, only it'll happen much faster this time. The photography
    industry is trying to sell typewriters in the era of the word processor, and
    it's going to suffer for it.
    Don't forget that Dixons is much bigger than the eponymous shop - they own a
    number of "pile 'em high, get spotty youths to talk bollocks about 'em and
    sell 'em expensive with an extended warranty" chains, such as PC World and
    Currys. Still, it has to be said that they're very much the Ratners of
    consumer electronics retailing, and look what happened to them...
    Chris Brown, Aug 8, 2005
  13. Dixons Birmingham has been interesting.

    It was in a moderately interesting part of the city, just off one of the
    main roads. It closed down in 2003 with a massive clearance sale full of
    ridiculous bargains (60% off Voigtlander lenses, CCS York bags for £30 and
    plenty of others). They then moved to the new Bull Ring development about
    200 yards away for their "Dixons XL" superstore, two floors of utter crap
    badly presented. This, sadly, represents the entirity of general consumer
    electronics in Birmingham.

    Rumour has it that a combination of low sales and high rent (the Bull Ring
    is apparently the largest shopping centre in Europe) is forcing them out,
    and that their apparent relocation will take them to Dale End, a rather
    out-of-the-way corner of the city centre. Fingers crossed for another
    blow-out clearance sale, as I need a new TV.

    Anyway, I couldn't give a flying monkey's about what Dixons drop or how they
    do any more than I care what Jessops or PC World do. I pop in once a week to
    do price matches and that's it. From what i've seen, the local Dixons' film
    camera lineup is bizarre- a number of APS and 35mm compacts from nobody
    marques, some budget SLR kits and some very out-of-place high end SLRs,
    which they never sell anyway. There's even a severely shop-worn Leica 90mm
    Elmarit gathering dust with a 10% discount that i'm sure migrated to the new
    store in 2003...

    So no real fear of Dixons running out of film cameras, they can't sell the
    damn things anyway...

    Martin Francis, Aug 8, 2005
  14. Tony  Polson

    bootlegheavy Guest

    In a digital age Dixons will have to do an awful lot to reverse their
    declining domination of selling technology in the high street.

    A quick search on their website reveals just 62 digital camera models.
    62! That's pathetic. And nowhere to be seen is the Canon Powershot A95.
    What's the point?

    A typical consumer DSLR: Canon EOS 350D Digital SLR Camera 18 - 55mm
    Lens Kit

    Dixons: £639.24 £629.80 £594.50

    Dixons is £45 more than amazon! And that's with a couple of clicks.
    Their site is crap too.

    Just like HMV selling a top ten CD for £15 years ago, Dixons and many
    others are learning that the internet is changing EVERYTHING. I mean
    WHSmiths were selling Harry Potter for £11.99 (without a deposit) and
    you can get it for £8.99 from amazon.

    The sooner Dixons shuts down the better. They have been charging the
    public too much for too long, and now there are many more options for
    the consumer to get the best deal. Unless they drastically change their
    infrastructure to charge less, they will go belly up. Hoorah!

    As for them stopping selling film. It's just a branding thing. Film's
    future is not determined by blimming Dixons.
    bootlegheavy, Aug 8, 2005
  15. Tony  Polson

    ian lincoln Guest

    some budget SLR kits and some very out-of-place high end SLRs,
    Reminds me of a conversation with a customer reagrding the 10D. "Sorry we
    don't have any, as soon as we get them in stock we sell out."

    customer: "dixons have some."

    "Buy it from there then"

    customer: "wouldn't buy from them"

    "Now you know why they have stock. Its a proper camera and no proper camera
    buyer would go to dixons to get one."
    ian lincoln, Aug 8, 2005
  16. Tony  Polson

    ejb Guest

    Gawd !!!!,I'm feeling old,because I can remember when Dixons did p/ex and
    sold s/h cameras and lenses !!!!!!
    ejb, Aug 8, 2005
  17. Tony  Polson

    Tony Polson Guest

    I sincerely hope you are not wrong.

    Tony Polson, Aug 8, 2005
  18. Tony  Polson

    John Fryatt Guest

    Me too. Mind you, it was a crappy Praktica with Exakta bayonet mount,
    sold as an Exakta. Dixons had done special deal to get them exclusively.
    What a load of junk. Sold it on fairly quickly and got a Minolta
    SRT-101. Much nicer.

    I won't shed a tear for the demise of Dixons. They seem to represent all
    that's poor in consumer electronics retail.
    John Fryatt, Aug 9, 2005
  19. And when they stocked Paterson chemicals and prerecorded 8mm movies to show
    in your home cinema.

    Actually I used to work for them just after they stopped selling chemicals
    and I can honestly say that back then we DID know what we were talking about
    and the prices were quite competitive.

    The problems started when they moved staff off store commission onto
    personal commission.
    Senior sales had always been on personal commission, but lower staff were on
    store performance based pay and senior sales had an element of that in their
    Immediately everyone had to sell 50% more stuff to have the same take home
    pay and it all went haywire.
    I remember someone selling a 28 inch TV to a blind woman who lived on her
    own on the basis that it was better sound quality, and in those days a 28
    inch TV cost a lot of money.

    We also had people selling off the repair shelf.
    i.e. a customer comes in with a faulty camera. It gets put on the shelf
    ready to go back to the warehouse and from there for repair or back to the
    manufacturer. if we did not have one in stock and someone asked for one,
    someone would then sell the faulty one on the basis that it was "money in
    the bank" and could be swapped later.

    Even worse, I sold a load of own brand stereo radio cassette machines and
    had them all returned as they had no working parts, just empty shells.

    The personal commisson thing killed the old Dixons but it did make the
    company extremely profitable.
    I can honestly say I have bought about two things from them since then, one
    of which was a packet of batteries.
    Gordon Hudson, Aug 10, 2005
  20. Tony  Polson

    Stu Carter Guest

    Thank-you for confirming that. As an early 90s Dixons employee, I saw this
    happen on many occasions. People think I'm mad when I tell them - and I
    was beginning to doubt my memory.

    Still - they made the error of firing me one lunch-time and expecting me
    to work the rest of the day. The local computer/hifi/camera shops got a
    lot of new customers that day. :)


    Stu Carter, Aug 11, 2005
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