Ulead 5 plus - add music help please

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by jamiejhunter, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. jamiejhunter

    jamiejhunter Guest

    I'm new to this (although, I've used Ulead 2 for quite some time) and
    do not understand all the 'video language' so please be patient with

    I have downloaded Ulead 5 Plus trial version. I would like to make a
    slideshow. I understand everything except how to add music to a
    specific set of photos.

    I have added music to one photo and removed it.

    I have added music and allowed the song to play until it finishes and
    then it will move on to the next song.

    I would like to add music to the middle of the slideshow on a specific
    set of pictures.

    In Ulead 2 you could drag the 'song' to a certain photo and it would
    play until you wanted another song to play. If you wanted the song to
    play for only 3 photos you could set that, then add another song to the
    4th photo.

    I do not see how that can be done with Ulead 5 Plus. I've read the
    'help' but do not see where it says anything about it...or perhaps I am
    not able to understand what the heck they are saying.

    Thank you for any (easy) help you can offer.
    jamiejhunter, Aug 28, 2006
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