Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2 EDIT DISC info please?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Paul D. Sullivan, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. I have a Sherlock Holmes movie from 1939 on a DVD that was
    recorded with one of those Pillips DVD machines that adds the
    VIDEO_RM folder and some other things that are incompatible with
    some DVD players. It opens on my PS2 DVD player and my PC, but
    has a very strange menu index thing with two black boxes and one
    blue box, with the blue box (thumbnail) being the only one that
    can be pressed to play the video. Needless to say, I wanted to
    try to improve upon this interface, not only because it seems
    incompatible, but it is not very user friendly.

    So, now that I'm aware of the bundled Ulead SE software that came
    with my Pioneer A06U drive, I have been looking into DVD Movie
    Factory 2 and the EDIT DISC option.

    What it seems to do is allow me to open up the DVD contents, set
    the MARK-IN and MARK-OUT so that it essentially "cuts" all of the
    intro junk and the excess black stuff at the end of the credits
    and then allow me to create a DVD Menu and burn the project to a
    new VIDEO_TS folder that I can burn to DVD-R with Nero

    I guess my question is, does DVD Movie Factory 2 SE actually
    re-encode the video, or does it simply do a kind of cut and paste
    with the existing MPEG 2 VOB file, add the menu, etc. and then
    create the new, cleaner DVD?

    Or, does it have to reencode the entire thing, and as a result,
    cause the quality to suffer?

    I'd appreciate any helpful replies.

    Thanks very much.
    Paul D. Sullivan, Jan 20, 2004
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  2. Paul D. Sullivan

    Moonshine Guest

    I can whole heartedly recommend TMPEnc DVD Author to do what you want to do. I'm
    regularly 'editing' DVD's that are recorded using my Philips DVDR1000.

    No re-encoding is done. The process for a full 2hour recording takes about
    45mins inc editing. 12 mins read into HD, 25 mins burn to disc (2.4 times)

    There is a 30 day trial

    Moonshine, Jan 20, 2004
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  3. I can whole heartedly recommend TMPEnc DVD Author
    Still hoping to find out about Ulead, but I'll check into
    this. Thanks much. :)
    Paul D. Sullivan, Jan 20, 2004
  4. Bummer. I use FAT32 and Win 98 SE. Won't work for me, or so the
    site says.

    Thanks anyway.
    Paul D. Sullivan, Jan 20, 2004
  5. Paul D. Sullivan

    Jerry Jones Guest

    If you adjust your Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2 project settings to
    precisely match the properties of your source video...

    And if you check the DO NOT CONVERT COMPLIANT FILES check box...

    There will be no re-encoding of the video.

    There *may* be re-encoding of the audio, however.

    Jerry Jones

    Paul D. Sullivan" <:
    Jerry Jones, Jan 20, 2004
  6. So even in EDIT DISC mode, I should be ok in terms of no

    You know, I have found the Ulead bundle that came with my Pioneer
    drive to be incredibly useful and productive. It is not that
    slick, but boy, it just flat-out gets the job done, you know?

    I was thrilled to know I could use DVD MovieFactory 2 in such a
    manner. Just pop in the disk, Mark-in and Mark-out the segment
    that I want to extract, create a DVD Title Menu and that is about
    all there is to it. What a nifty little feature that is!

    I may not like precisely what I have seen from the new version 3
    demo, but perhaps over time I'll warm up to the program. I hae
    to admit, I really do prefer the simplicity and seperation of the
    bundle I have. I like that Video Studio 7 SE handles the editing
    and can output to a finished MPEG 2 file. I like that
    MovieFactory 2 SE takes that movie file, allows me to add DVD
    menus and such and then save it to a VIDEO_TS folder. I also
    like that it has a separate program (Nero) that handles the task
    of creating the final DVD and can also do DVD and CD data disks

    I'm not sure I like the "all-in-one" approach of Version 3 of
    MovieFactory. The more features you throw in that are unrelated
    to the core function, the more bloated and potentially buggy the
    thing can become. While apps like Pinnacle Studio 8 may appeal
    to many for their integrated stuff, I think the fact that it
    tries to do so much in one program is perhaps part of the reason
    why it is such a buggy mess.

    I would prefer that the Ulead line not overlap any more than they
    already have in the current versions (VS 7, MF2, PS2). Do a
    focused set of tasks and do it well instead of trying to make one
    program be all things to all people, I guess.

    Thank you very much for all the help you have provided to me and
    to others regarding Ulead products. I am extremely grateful for
    your efforts in this, as I'm certain many others are too.

    Best wishes,

    Paul D. Sullivan, Jan 21, 2004
  7. Paul D. Sullivan

    Bariloche Guest

    I'm using it under WinMe, so most probably it shall work under Win98
    SE. Problem is the "DVD writing tool" it comes with. It's this one
    that needs Xp (but not NTFS; works allright with FAT32).

    The program first creates the authored DVD on the harddrive (the
    AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders), and then allows you to burn them with
    the "DVD writing tool". Just say no to this last step, and burn the
    files with Nero, or any of its kind.

    I started my DVD authoring experience with Ulead's DVD Workshop, and
    it was fine for my purposes. But Tmpgenc's is even easier to use -and
    almost skinless (I abhor skins).
    Bariloche, Jan 21, 2004
  8. Paul D. Sullivan

    Bariloche Guest

    IMO, it's a mess because it's Pinnacle.
    Some people just want a "click a button, get it all" sort of thing.
    But a coordinated set of tools, where one can launch the next, is a
    much better approach -for us, customers, that is- as it allows you to
    substitute for your favorite tool along the line.
    Bariloche, Jan 21, 2004
  9. Paul D. Sullivan

    TC Guest

    What format are you starting with? If I capture in AVI, then the
    process takes much longer.
    TC, Jan 21, 2004
  10. Paul D. Sullivan

    Moonshine Guest

    In this example I'm starting with a DVD+R or DVD+RW that has been recorded in my
    standalone Philips DVD Recorder. It is already a DVD with the MPEG encoding
    having been done by the recorder. Hence there is no re-encoding to do and hence
    the quick time for production. Its just a nice way of cleaning up a rough
    recording done in the Stand alone recorder.

    You can do on-disc editing using VR mode with these recodings and cut down the
    transfer too and from the hard-disc, but I've found this dangerous as one glitch
    can distroy the original disc.
    Moonshine, Jan 21, 2004
  11. Paul D. Sullivan

    Fishface Guest

    Can you change menu thumbnails images with DVD Author?
    I downloaded the trial, but couldn't figure how to do it. My
    wife used on-camera transitions, and the scene changes were
    Fishface, Jan 22, 2004
  12. Paul D. Sullivan

    Moonshine Guest

    Yes - Click the Thumbnail, it will open a video playback window. Move the slider
    to the frame you want - click OK, Done.
    Moonshine, Jan 22, 2004
  13. I still wish ULEAD products had a fast-forward instead of just
    the jog bar. That would make it easier to find the exact scene
    you are looking for. Searching while fast-forwarding is
    something we do every day on VHS and DVD's at home. It would be
    great to have this function in Ulead.
    Paul D. Sullivan, Jan 22, 2004
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