Update of Metrix, Free Color-Match Plug-In

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by PSI, Mar 5, 2012.

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    PhotoSynthesis Inc. Updates Metrix Plug-In

    February 24, 2012 - PhotoSynthesis Inc. is pleased to announce an updated
    version of Metrix, its free color-matching plug-in. Metrix works with any
    Windows imaging program that hosts Photoshop plug-ins. Unlike earlier
    versions, the updated version can be used with any version of Windows. It is
    available at the PhotoSynthesis Inc. website, http://jnrubin.net/psi.
    (Please note the new URL.)

    About Metrix

    Metrix, first released in 2000, automatically matches the color distribution
    of any image or selection to any other. It is widely used in over 100
    countries around the world. Metrix is used for ordinary snapshot
    photography, panoramas, stereoscopic photography, cartography, medical and
    scientific imaging, virtual reality, and fine art photo compositing.

    Although Adobe added a "Match Color" function to Photoshop in 2004, Metrix's
    color-matching is more accurate and easier to use. Please see the Metrix
    Acid Test page at http://jnrubin.net/psi/test.html.

    In addition to Adobe Photoshop, Metrix can be used with any Windows program
    that hosts Photoshop plug-ins, including Photoshop Elements, Illustrator,
    After Effects, CorelDRAW!, Paint Shop Pro, and Freehand. It can also be used
    with certain versions of 3D Max, Bryce, Canvas, Combustion, Deep Paint,
    Digital Image Pro, Fireworks, GIMP, HyperStudio, imageN, IrfanView,
    Microsoft Expression, Painter, Photo House, PhotoBrush, PhotoDeluxe,
    PhotoDraw, PhotoExpress, PhotoImpact, Photoline, PhotoPaint, PhotoPlus,
    Picture Publisher, Plugin Commander Light, Plugin Commander Pro, QFX/LE,
    Serif PhotoPlus, SigmaPi NiGulp, Ultimate FX, Ultimate Paint, VCW Vicman's
    Photo Editor, and XnView.

    About PhotoSynthesis Inc.

    PhotoSynthesis Inc. is a software and imaging company located in Brooklyn,
    New York. For more information please visit http://jnrubin.net.
    PSI, Mar 5, 2012
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