Updated Glamour Images

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Rich, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. Rich

    Rich Guest

    Rich, Oct 26, 2003
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  2. Rich

    Ptarmigan Guest

    | See www.digitalmood.co.uk
    | what do you think?

    Not bad at all - some gems amongst them.
    Well done.
    Checked using Norton Antivirus 2004
    Ptarmigan, Oct 26, 2003
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  3. Rich

    chaz Guest

    | what do you think?

    as before.... some gems, let down by over use of Photoshop to "create"
    photos and some cheesy ideas standing alongside some classy shots .be more
    brutal in selection and redesign your site and it would look 100% better,

    chaz, Oct 26, 2003
  4. Rich

    Drifter Guest

    | what do you think?
    I'm marking in with essentially the same opinion. I really liked the
    very first one, "twobooths" was it? I liked the arrangement and the
    Drifter, Oct 27, 2003
  5. Rich

    Rich Guest

    thanks for the positive coments

    Rich, Oct 27, 2003
  6. Rich

    Rich Guest

    I take on board your comments regarding Liberty X - however the site wasn't
    initially aimed at a US audience.
    Rich, Oct 27, 2003
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