Upgrade to CS2 from PS3 - Yes or No

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Mark_48, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Mark_48

    Mark_48 Guest

    I had bought an older PC a short while ago and it came with an original
    PS 3.0 CD and serial number. I've gone to Adobes site and it states
    clearly that "ANY" version of PS will qualify for an upgrade to CS2. I
    called Adobe and the girl I spoke to said with PS 3 all I needed was
    the serial when prompted during the upgrade to install. Not sure if I
    trust what I heard.

    I am not the original owner of the PS 3 software, but I did indeed
    purchase it second hand. I don't know if the original owner registered
    it or not and no way to find out. I've read a few threads that hint
    that Adobe does not honor what they've stated about any version for

    Think I stand a chance at this ? I don't want to purchase upgrade only
    to find I can't use it.

    Mark_48, Dec 20, 2005
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  2. Mark: Usually once a year Adobe offers registered users of PS3 the
    chance to upgrade to PS. I passed the opportunity because I don't
    really need it, to upgrade for $299.00 Canadian. But when you pick up
    the upgrade box off the store shelf, that upgrade to C2 is for owners
    of another version of straight photoshop, not PS3. At least that's
    how I interpret it. Ken
    Ken Palmateer, Dec 21, 2005
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  3. Mark_48

    fillyflash Guest

    We recently upgraded to CS2 and were required to have at least
    version 5.5. Our version 5.0 wouldn't take the upgrade.
    fillyflash, Dec 21, 2005
  4. Mark_48

    kctan Guest

    More importantly is whether your old PC can run CS2.
    kctan, Dec 21, 2005
  5. Mark_48

    Mark_48 Guest

    Ken Palmateer, What I have is Adobe Photoshop 3.0 Deluxe CD-ROM. Not
    sure if you thought Elements 3.0.

    , This is sort of what I've been reading in other
    threads. It's just disturbing that their site states "ANY" previous
    version and folks are finding out otherwise. What was your recourse
    when you couldn't use the upgrade with PS5.0 ?

    kctan, The upgrade would be to a WinXP P4 PC. I've upgraded to a new PC
    from an older Win98 machine.
    Mark_48, Dec 21, 2005
  6. Mark_48

    Bob 4 Guest

    Is your program registered on the Adobe registration page.
    If so, then you can probably upgrade it. If not try to register
    the serial number. If it goes in OK, then contact the Adobe
    Store and see if it is acceptable for upgrading from.

    I recently had an experience with Adobe upgrades while not
    for Photoshop, I expect the same practice would apply

    I upgraded my GoLive version 5 to GL CS2 version 8.
    The new software wouldn't accept my version 5 serial number
    so I called the nice Indian Adobe help person, who had me try
    many different ways to install the upgrade to no avail. After a
    while he got his superior online, and he gave me a new serial
    number to be used for old version verification.

    This was OK because my name and serial number for version 5
    was on the Adobe software registration page. If you meet that
    requirement, then they will work with you to install the upgrade,
    if not don't buy it.

    Bob 4, Dec 27, 2005
  7. Mark_48

    Mark_48 Guest

    That's interesting as I called Adobe twice and each Adobe rep (neither
    one Indian that I could tell) assured me that an upgrade could be done
    with the version I had. They went so far as to check the serial number
    and it is still registered under a previous owner, which I have no idea
    the whereabouts of. I do know I have his old computer and original PS
    3.0 CD, so for fact he isn't using it any longer. They further stated
    the previous owners registration would not affect my ability to get the
    upgrade, only if I wanted technical support for the old version 3.0
    would I have to have registration transfered.
    Mark_48, Dec 30, 2005
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