Upgrading from Fuji 1.3megapixel advise needed?

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by sam, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. sam

    sam Guest


    We've been using the Fuji Finpix 1400 digicam for about 2 years. Prices have
    dramatically dropped and we are looking to upgrade. Im assuming I should
    skip right over the 2 megapix and go to at least 3? The Finpix 1400 used
    smartmedia and had a 3x optical zoom. Any recommendations on what we should
    buy? I've checked out Steve's digicams and it is a great site for info I
    just wish they would put them in best to worst. I plan on spending about
    $250 for the camera.

    sam, Nov 11, 2003
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  2. sam

    mark herring Guest

    Mark Herring
    Pasadena, CA, USA
    private e-mail: say no to "No"
    Why do you assume that??

    The Finpix 1400 used
    If you were happy with 1.5 Mp and only want to spend $250, then you may not
    get much improvement. At the low end, things seem to be running at about
    $100 per Mpixel.
    What do you print/display? For 4x6, 1.5Mpixelis fine, 2 is slightly better.
    For significantly larger prints, you want 4-5 Mpixels, which is out of your
    price range.

    mark herring, Nov 12, 2003
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