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Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by greghy90, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. greghy90

    greghy90 Guest

    Hello to everybody,
    I have a question: can I use an audio mixer (with 2 channels) to mix
    two cameras performing live?

    Thank you,
    greghy90, Apr 7, 2008
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  2. If you mean, hook video into an audio mixer, no.
    There are some DJ video mixers however that may have audio-tripped
    effects tot he video, that's probably your best bet. Try Ableton Live
    and see what you find from there.

    There are some nifty post production tricks you can do in AfterEffects
    that let the action in the video be altered based on the accompanying
    sound wave forms, but those are not generally live effects.

    In the old days, the way you got an analog switcher to wobble a wipe
    border around a shot was to feed the wipe generator a modulated tone,
    and if that tone was replaced by program audio, the border and edges
    could be made to "vibrate" or wobble to the beat of your music or the
    sounds of speech, etc.

    But if you are wanting to automate video switching to follow audio,
    such that a camera cuts when one person speaks and cuts away when
    there is silence or another person speaks, and the Dj video mixers
    don't do it, that's pretty much something you'll have to cobble up
    yourself out of a couple of the "stick-on" audio modules you can find

    What you'd want, I guess, is a sound-controlled (voltage-controlled)
    relay sending a logic pulse to another relay switch that would
    actually cut the video signal from one input to a second one. Tv
    stations have a circuit something like this at the transmitter
    sometimes called the "loss of signal" alarm: If the switcher output
    goes dead, this box detects that and switches over to a "please stand
    by, technical difficulties" graphic stored in memory, or to an
    alternate program stream, whatever is hooked to it. usually it also
    activates a "wake up, you imbecile" alarm at the C.E.'s desk and
    perhaps the GM's pager or blackberry. This technology is not
    something you throw together with a soldering iron on a rainy

    Parkervision used to have an automated switching system for very small
    Tv station news operations with robotic PTZ cameras that would follow
    you all over a set or lecture hall, because your wireless mic gave
    them an IR homing signal. The switcher may have offered this "switch
    to whomever is talking" feature as part of an automation package, the
    circuitry was adapted from telephone conference-call systems. Some
    other company bought Parkervision and promptly sunk it to where I can
    not find it again. Pity. If you know whatever happened to them or more
    importantly their products, please post.
    nobody special, Apr 7, 2008
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