Used DSLR Recs Please

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Bertie Doe, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Bertie Doe

    Bertie Doe Guest

    Hi there. I'm not a camera geek as such, but I'm looking to updrade my 7 yr
    old Finepix 1400, with a DSLR. Pref not using rechargeable AA's, as I find
    them a pain. Looking for 2nd hand between £150 and £250.

    To get an idea on used prices, I've been following a few ebay auctions. This
    one 370063327808 - exellent condition Canon XT/EOS 350D + EFS 18-38mm,
    closed at £221 this morning. At 18 mnths old - is this a good price?

    Maybe you pay for the name and perhaps the spec's a bit high for the
    non-hobbiest like myself. Are there alternative makes/models sub £250 DSLR
    cameras, with good backup support for replacement parts? How long is a piece
    of string. I may one day get the photo bug and add a machro lense etc, but
    any ideas on an entry level DSLR, would be appreciated. Something that will
    ward off updraditis for at least 3 years. TIA

    Bertie Doe, Jun 27, 2008
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  2. Bertie Doe

    Mike..... Guest

    Following up to Bertie Doe
    once you embark on a brand you tend to be stuck with it unless you are
    happy to sell all your kit and start again. Canon and Nikon have high
    reputations and prices to match so I (years ago) went for Pentax for price
    and small size. If its not your hobby I would buy non Canon/Nikon if the
    price is right and get Sigma etc lenses when you need them, rather than
    pricey camera makers ones.
    Unless you will feel good having "Nikon" on the front and knowing its
    quality, then theres always Leica of course :)
    Mike....., Jun 27, 2008
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  3. Bertie Doe

    Alex Monro Guest

    Ffordes, a major 2nd hand dealer, list an EOS350D body in "excellent +"
    condition at £179 body only, with 6mth guarantee. I've never heard of
    the EFS 18-38, so I have no idea of a price.

    You might also consider a Nikon D40 (£159 body, £159 for 18-70mm
    f/3.5-4.5), or D50 (£189 body, £129 for 18-70 with 3 month warranty from
    Mifsuds ( Another
    possibility is a Minolta Dynax 5D with 18-70 for £249 from Ffordes -
    you then get anti shake in the body.

    Many camera shops (except Jessops) usually have a small stock of 2nd
    hand equipment (I bought a 2nd hand Fuji S3 from my local shop last
    week), and although they tend to be slightly more expensive than Ebay,
    you usually get a warranty of 3 - 6 months, and you can have a try
    before you buy. Mail order dealers usually have a 14 day no quibble
    return policy.
    Alex Monro, Jun 27, 2008
  4. Bertie Doe

    Paul Giverin Guest

    I didn't think that Pentax kit was any cheaper than Canon or Nikon. You
    can use Sigma lenses with any of them.

    Paul Giverin

    British Jet Engine Website:-

    My photos:-
    Paul Giverin, Jun 27, 2008
  5. Bertie Doe

    Bertie Doe Guest

    Thanks guys for your quick response, I now have a shortlist of 4. I didn't
    realise Sigma lenses were so versatile. I've seen some very cheap lenses on
    USA Ebay. I guess the exchange rate helps, although I won't risk a camera
    from there.

    Alex I've saved your 2 sites to favs, I can see the benefits of the 3/6
    month warranty. Thanks again all.

    Bertie Doe, Jun 27, 2008
  6. Bertie Doe

    Paul Giverin Guest

    Speaking personally, I wouldn't buy a Sigma lens from overseas unless I
    knew that the warranty was valid in the UK. Some of the Sigmas can rival
    its Canon and Nikon counterparts in terms of quality and are usually
    quite a bit cheaper but from reading the various forums, it seems that a
    significant number of Sigmas have to be returned for adjustment.

    I've bought Canon lenses from Hong Kong and the USA with some confidence
    but if I were to buy a Sigma, I'd buy it in the UK.

    Paul Giverin

    British Jet Engine Website:-

    My photos:-
    Paul Giverin, Jun 27, 2008
  7. Bertie Doe

    Bertie Doe Guest

    Thanks Paul, I thought there had to be a catch. When comparing 'Buy it now'
    prices, between UK and USA, the latter seem to be about half price :

    I guess it's a case of caviat emptor.

    Bertie Doe, Jun 27, 2008
  8. Bertie Doe

    Paul Giverin Guest

    Well firstly, those two ebay examples are not identical lenses. The one
    on is the f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro while the one is the
    f/4-5.6 DG Macro. The UK version features Sigma's APO. To quote from
    Sigma's site :-

    "APO (APO Lens)
    In order to attain the highest quality images, the APO lens has been
    made using special low-dispersion (SLD) glass and is designed to
    minimize color aberration".

    The other thing to bear in mind when buying any lens from outside the UK
    is that you may get clobbered with import duty if customs pick it up.

    Some Hong Kong ebay sellers say that they try and minimise the risk of
    incurring import duty. I saved a small fortune by buying an expensive
    Canon lens from a Hong Kong seller who actually guaranteed no import
    duty. When I received the lens, the falsified documentation was a work
    of art. It was a false invoice which stated that the lens had been sent
    to Hong Kong for repair and was now being returned to its owner (me). It
    detailed the precise repair to the USM motor including the part numbers
    of the bits replaced.

    Paul Giverin

    British Jet Engine Website:-

    My photos:-
    Paul Giverin, Jun 28, 2008
  9. Just to add another thought, a sales rep the other day was trying to
    flog me a Fuji S5, saying that their prices had dropped by a couple of
    hundred quid making them excellent value (OK, he would say that). I
    wasn't interested, but it could be worth checking out.
    Willy Eckerslyke, Jun 28, 2008
  10. Bertie Doe

    Trev Guest

    Ay Now down to Nikon Prices
    Trev, Jun 28, 2008
  11. Bertie Doe

    Bertie Doe Guest

    Good reports in dpreview - best of Nikon, best of Fuji bits. When upgrade
    fever strikes in a couple of years (ha!) I'll make you an offer, that's
    assuming you buy it. Google suggests best price (body only) Camerabox at
    £509 inc vat + delivery, meanwhile, back on planet earth ......

    Bertie Doe, Jun 28, 2008
  12. Bertie Doe

    Bertie Doe Guest

    "Paul Giverin" wrote in message
    Thanks Paul (19a Railway Cuttings, East Cheam) for sharing that with us.

    Bertie Doe, Jun 28, 2008
  13. Bertie Doe

    Paul Giverin Guest suggests best price of
    £491.99 inc vat and postage.

    But of course that's still miles away from your original budget. You
    mentioned buying a used 350D and they are certainly good cameras but it
    is a twice superseded entry level camera. I would personally look at
    buying a used 30D, which is a (once superseded) mid level "prosumer"
    camera. I've just looked at completed items on ebay and one went two
    days ago for £265, body only. Great value IMO.

    Paul Giverin

    British Jet Engine Website:-

    My photos:-
    Paul Giverin, Jun 28, 2008
  14. Bertie Doe

    Bertie Doe Guest

    Update : I've been looking at 4 ebay auctions on the EOS 350D, with 18 - 55
    lens (1 in the US) and made a tentative stab on one, but fell short. I've
    looked at dpreview and I agree with Paul, they have been superceded by a
    large margin, by a number of models.

    However the 350D seems very popular, the 3 fetched £225, 230 and 236 + pp. I
    emailed one in the States ref p&p and was quoted $65 ouch (why do they
    insist on airmail?). The camera went for $447 + $65 = £256 (total) plus you
    pay customs on shipping. There may be $bargains out there, but this one

    In the end, I decided to buy new. One of the shops on Uk ebay had a large
    stock of them, with the standard 18 - 55 lense and selling at £279 + £15 pp.
    It's a bit over my max budget of £250 and they only offer 3 month warranty,
    but for peace of mind etc. Lets hope upgraditus doesn't strike for at least
    three years ...... or maybe two. Thanks for all your input, I'll scream if I
    need help.

    Bertie Doe, Jun 29, 2008
  15. Bertie Doe

    airsmoothed Guest

    In terms of budget new DSLRs then Argos have the Pentax K100D Super
    with 18-5 5lens for 250 quid, juts in case you haven't already bought
    the Canon.
    airsmoothed, Jun 30, 2008
  16. The price I was quoted (by Keyphoto) was 399+VAT (i.e. 469 inc VAT) but
    they probably add postage to that. Still, it's nice to know that they
    can be competitive anyway.
    Ah well...
    Willy Eckerslyke, Jun 30, 2008
  17. Bertie Doe

    Mike..... Guest

    Following up to Paul Giverin
    its not something ive made a study of, but when I bought my K20 the reviews
    were saying equivelent Nikon/Canon would be some telephone number price.
    One downside of Pentax seems to be difficulty getting third party lenses, I
    notice one or two very big telphotos (that I cant afford anyway!) dont come
    in pentax mount and the more modest one I have took ages to get (allegedly
    because of wanting pentax mount).
    Mike....., Jun 30, 2008
  18. Bertie Doe

    Bertie Doe Guest

    I think you should bite the bullet, buy the S5, keep it in pristine
    condition and flog it to me in 3 years, when fever strikes again.

    Just out of mild curiosity, has anyone bought one of those cheapo macro
    lenses? Won't expect high definition, but for rare, occasional use the Canon
    one at £10.90p isn't going to break the bank .....
    Bertie Doe, Jun 30, 2008
  19. Bertie Doe

    Bertie Doe Guest

    Too late, the deed is done, purchased yesterday noon, but that P. K100D
    could be a handy price for someone still looking.

    Bertie Doe, Jun 30, 2008
  20. Bertie Doe

    Bruce Guest

    If you stop down to f/11, 16 or 22, and make sure that the lens is
    shielded from direct light (e.g. by using a lens hood) the results can
    actually be quite acceptable.

    You can get twin-element multi-coated versions that are even better.
    They cost a lot more but are still much cheaper than a dedicated macro
    lens with a camera brand on it.

    For some years my only "macro lens" was a 50mm f/1.8 standard lens and
    a set of extension tubes. I later added a reversing ring to mount the
    lens in reverse on the front of the extension tubes and the results
    were even better.
    Bruce, Jun 30, 2008
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