Used equipment price?

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by ROBMURR, Sep 29, 2003.


    ROBMURR Guest

    ROBMURR, Sep 29, 2003
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  2. Also, learn to use the eBay site, checking the final prices on completed
    auctions. The asking prices on ongoing auctions and Buy-It-Now prices often
    have no basis in reality. The completed prices give a real sense of market
    Ken Rosenbaum, Sep 29, 2003
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  3. You will find that prices from ebay auctions are quite a bit lower in most
    cases than prices from Keh or other retail dealers. In part, this reflects
    the greater safety to buyers that comes from purchasing from Keh or other
    large dealers, i.e., it's easier to deal with a problem through a store than
    it is from an auction seller. In part, however, it reflects the fact that
    much used gear, particularly that for manual focus cameras, is undergoing a
    severe price deflation. Example: whereas Keh is selling 500 mm. f4 mf Nikkor
    teles for $2800 and up, I recently bought one in very fine condition that
    included a TC-14b teleconverter for $1800. Subsequently, another one of
    these lenses sold on ebay for $1475.

    There are some real bargains out there, particularly if you know what you
    want and are a bit patient.
    Doug Greenberg, Sep 29, 2003

    Alan Browne Guest

    Did you google?

    Alan Browne, Sep 29, 2003

    ExS Guest

    Hi everyone,
    I want to buy some used equipment, but don't know
    the right price.
    Any body know any sites have these information?


    ExS, Sep 29, 2003

    Loren Coe Guest

    i visited their site today, & found what appear to be ridiculous prices
    for Pentax K1000 outfits. would be happy to sell mine for that. --Loren
    Loren Coe, Sep 29, 2003
  7. Try, and
    William Graham, Sep 30, 2003

    Slingblade Guest

    best source for used gear is:

    they tend to under rate their used gear. most places would give
    higher ratings than KEH does, so you are assured that if it says
    excellent or better quality that it will be. Many people say their
    bargain grade is very good too.
    Slingblade, Sep 30, 2003

    Jeremy Guest

    x-no-archive: yes

    Here is a good starting point for determining pricing for used gear:

    They show several prices for the same piece, broken down by condition. Sort
    of a photographic equipment equivalent of the Used Car N.A.D.A. Blue Book.

    I use their prices as a guide when bidding on eBay. I've no idea how
    accurate they are, but at least it is a starting point.
    Jeremy, Sep 30, 2003

    Loren Coe Guest

    they seem much more realistic than keh. i just priced a K1000 on both
    sites, keh=375.00, photographics=$100-120.00.

    somehow i don't think anyone will pay over 200.00 for any Pentax. ymmv.

    Loren Coe, Sep 30, 2003
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