Used Nikon FM2 or New Pentax ZX-M?

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by cfb, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. cfb

    cfb Guest

    What do you think? Anyone have any experience with ZX-M?

    I'd rather spend $400 on a good lens, so...
    cfb, Nov 10, 2006
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  2. cfb

    Paul Mitchum Guest

    Buy the lens. Get the camera that goes with it.
    Paul Mitchum, Nov 10, 2006
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  3. cfb

    jeremy Guest

    Good advice, especially if there are no plans to invest heavily in a system
    of lenses. Nikon has withdrawn most of their manual-focus primes from the
    market, and the Pentax "A" series has long been discontinued.
    jeremy, Nov 10, 2006
  4. cfb

    Paul Mitchum Guest

    Well, no. If you plan to invest in a system of lenses, then you're
    buying the lens(es) and you're getting the body to go with them.
    Pentax A lenses will fit and work on any modern Pentax body. Newer
    Pentax lenses will also work on just about any older body, too.

    From what I understand, this is not the case with Nikon lenses.
    Paul Mitchum, Nov 10, 2006
  5. cfb

    jeremy Guest

    The sole remaining "A" lens, as far as I know, is the tack-sharp 50mm f/2.0
    normal lens (probably made in China, but has great build quality). There
    may be a couple of cheap zoom lenses, but for this discussion they don't
    really matter.

    These are dark days for classic lenses. Everything seems to be
    plastic-barreled zoom lenses that are made by robots and weigh less than a
    half-pound. The good stuff is available only used. The FA-Limited lenses
    are autofocus designs, and they don't have that classic feel when manually
    focused. Plus they cost an arm and a leg, relative to the classic manual
    focus designs.

    There is little left except the Leica R lenses, still made in the classic
    way--with metal barrels and lots of handwork--but they are priced out of
    reach, and there is speculation that Leica may withdraw the R system due to
    poor sales, focusing instead on the M and the digital camera lines. Who
    pays thousands for a lens if there is no presumption that service is
    available for a long time?

    So, if we agree that the future for classic lenses is in the used market,
    not newly-manufactured ones, then the question is which of the two
    manufacturers has a broader supply on the used market. If I were going to
    select one brand over the other, forgetting that I am already heavily
    invested in Pentax M42, I would go with Nikon.

    Of course, if the OP is looking for only one or two lenses to complete his
    kit, and is not concerned over future used availability, I'd say he could go
    either way. Although an FM-2, metal, would be more to my taste than a ZX-M,
    plastic. But my personal biases in favor of metal cameras may not reflect
    what the OP wants.
    jeremy, Nov 10, 2006
  6. cfb

    cfb Guest

    As you can read in my other post I went for the ZX-M. While it is
    plastic, it feels fine, and its' simplicity is wonderful. They had an
    FM2 in the store but they wanted $250 for it.

    Thanks for all your help.
    cfb, Nov 11, 2006
  7. cfb

    thebokehking Guest

    Lenses aside, be sure you can see the whole viewfinder without having
    to bounce/moe your eye about to much. If memory serves, looking through
    a ZX-M, though bright, was like looking through a keyhole for me (low
    eyepoint, hard to see the edges). A used (Pentax) ZX-5n, MZ-3 (aside
    from the lack of a split image/microprism focusing aid) might be a
    better deal viewfinder wise especially if you are going to use a bright
    fixed focal length lens on it not a slow zoom. For $400, depending on
    condition, you might be able to get both a good lens and a good body,
    especially with prices on eBay being collapsed for used 35mm film
    bodies since everyone and their dog it seems has "gone digital" to one
    extent or another. Which lens focal length do you plan to get and what
    type of photography do you plan to do with it? Your question is rather
    on the vague side like "coffee or vanilla fudge" What do you plan to do
    (other than spend money on equipment ;-))?
    thebokehking, Nov 11, 2006
  8. cfb

    thebokehking Guest

    Make that

    you can see the whole viewfinder without having
    Though I guess some people can "moe" their viewfinder with their eye
    too ;-).
    thebokehking, Nov 11, 2006
  9. cfb

    jeremy Guest

    What lenses are you planning on acquiring? The 50mm f/1.7 "A" is reputed to
    be one of the sharpest that Pentax ever produced. Pentax tweaked the
    optical formula to increase sharpness by about 10% over that if its
    predecessor. That is the lens that I use most often, when I shoot with my
    K-mount bodies, and it is, indeed, a remarkable lens.

    If you want to pick up its predecessor, the 50mm K lens, you will have THE
    classic "smooth-as-silk" Pentax normal lens for K mount. It is worth having
    that lens just for the joy of using it. It is the K-mount incarnation of
    the classic and well-renowned SMC Takumar 50mm normal lens (screw mount).
    See below:
    jeremy, Nov 11, 2006
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