Using 2Gb CF Cards in Minolta Dimage 7Hi

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Ken, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    I have a Minilta Dimage 7Hi and would like to buy a large CF card. I've
    read somewhere that not all cameras will accept 2 Gb CF cards so I'm not
    sure if I can use a 2 Gb card with the 7Hi. I know the 7Hi takes both Type
    I and Type II CF cards so is that all I need to worry about?

    Any advice will be much appreciated.

    Ken, Nov 28, 2003
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  2. Ken

    KS Guest

    The downside to a large card is that it wouldn't simly backup onto a single
    KS, Nov 28, 2003
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  3. Ken

    Mark M Guest

    Mark M, Nov 28, 2003
  4. Ken

    Aardvark Guest

    Aardvark, Nov 28, 2003
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