Using filters with a P&S camera? (Ricoh GR1)

Discussion in 'Ricoh' started by Elp, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Elp

    Elp Guest


    I've just got a Ricoh GR1 (first version without the filter ring) and given
    the level of control offered by this camera, i was thinking using filters
    (such as a polarising filter) with it for it to fully replace my SLR camera
    when i can't carry a bulky camera with me.

    Has anybody tried to use filters with a P&S camera? The lens on the GR1 goes
    out the body when switched on so I was thinking buying a small-size filter
    and use something like blue-tack to stick the filter on the lens (well, not
    on the glass of course but on the plastic bit around:). Has anybody tried
    that before or any better suggestion?

    Elp, Feb 10, 2004
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  2. Elp

    Bandicoot Guest

    I have a GR1v that I carry around whenever anything else is too big. First
    rate lens, and I love it. This does have the bayonet to take a filter ring,
    of course.

    I use filters with it a lot, partly because it often has B&W in it. With
    colour film I use a polariser, a skylight (occasionally) and an 81A quite
    often. Obviously with a polariser on a non-SLR camera you have to look
    through the filter and turn it to decide on the best angle of polarisation,
    then attach it to the lens and turn it again so it is aligned the same way -
    not really a problem but of course it takes a moment to do. It does help if
    your polariser has a few markings around the rim of the filter to help you
    'index' its alignment.

    The only filters I find _almost_ impossible to use with a non-SLR are ND
    grad.s, which is a problem. You can make an estimate and try to hold the
    filter in the right place in front of the lens, but it is a bit hit and

    Yes, you can use blu-tac - I know people who do this with no problems,
    though I haven't needed to myself. Another option is a wide rubber band -
    if the filter is the same sort of diameter as the lens barrel a band that
    will grip both is a neat solution.

    Enjoy the GR1 - it really is a good camera.

    Bandicoot, Feb 10, 2004
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  3. Hi Elp,

    The best option for yourself is to look into the Cokin digital filter kits,
    where there is a Cokin filter holder designed to be screwed into the tripod
    screw. This can be adjusted to ensure filters are in front of the lens. Look
    up Cokin's website for more details or local camera store.

    As Peter suggests, do try blue-tack but I would not recommend using elastic
    bands as this may put too much strain on the barrel and you also run the
    risk of forgetting that there is a filter attached, switch the camera off
    and motors jam?

    Another final option is, for the UK anyway, is get in touch with SRB Film,
    (search Google for their contact details), as they have their own work-shop
    and do make adapters and such to order for various cameras/camcorders.

    Stephen Leslie, Feb 10, 2004
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