Using Gray Card to correct image color balance

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Colin.D, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Colin.D

    Colin.D Guest

    Using a Canon dslr and CS2; I frequently take a close shot of a gray
    card to aid in balancing subsequent images taken immediately following
    the gray card shot, and then in Photoshop I have the gray card image on
    the monitor along with an image I want to balance.

    Till now I have selected a small part of the gray card and dragged it
    onto the image, flattened the layers and used the gray eyedropper in
    Curves to correct the gray card portion to neutral gray, which of course
    corrects the image as well.

    Subsequently I crop off the gray card portion, but sometimes when I do
    not want to crop the image, I cannot put a gray card area onto the
    image. I suppose I could increase the canvas size and put the gray card
    segment there, and crop it off later

    Looking at the 'Match Color' control caused me to wonder if there is any
    way to correct the gray card and have the image follow suit, without
    actually having to transplant part of the gray card onto the image and
    then crop it off again. This ability would considerably speed up
    processing a number of images if it can be done.

    Colin D.
    Colin.D, Dec 11, 2008
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  2. Colin.D

    Colin.D Guest

    Hello Mike,

    Thanks very much for the info - I had completely forgotten about being
    able to save correction curves in Curves, and it worked very well.
    Thanks again.

    I don't really like using auto WB, as it can be different for each shot,
    so I generally use a fixed WB - sunlight, cloudy, whatever, shoot a gray
    card, and use the correction to fix the subsequent shots. It may not be
    the absolute last word, but it's pretty close, before doing detailed
    work like shading and lightening various parts of the image.


    Colin D.
    Colin.D, Dec 12, 2008
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