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Discussion in 'Kodak' started by RoseW, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. RoseW

    RoseW Guest

    A local store has these Kodak kiosks-insert memory card, choose sizes,
    make order for prints of digital images which I used for the first time
    the other day.

    Is there a resource site that gives guidelines as to what resolution for
    printing one would best use if an image has processing applied (crop,
    sharpened etc and saved as jpg)

    I tried an original from the Rebel XT 350 (default 72 pixel) camera and
    the Kodak print order machine wanted to crop some off when a 4*6 size
    was chosen. Moving on to the 5*7 size the machine allowed that to fill
    the whole picture.

    Images I had saved in Paint Shop Pro to suit an 8*10 with 200 dpi fit
    into the scheme and eventually printed out very well and the reverse
    happened attempting to fit this same image into the smaller sizes.(5*7
    or 4*6) part of the image was cut off with the red box selection built
    into this Kodak Kiosk machine.

    Would using the 'at home printing sizing' apply to ordering a print
    through this Kodak Print Order machine. I think the vendor has a Fuji
    commercial printing equipment. I'm not sure which is controlling the end
    product the Print Order software or the Printing Equipment. Its ordinary
    clerks operating this equipment so its not much use asking specification
    questions of them.

    RoseW, Aug 14, 2005
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