Using Photoshop with Digital Cameras, can anyone tell me....

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Bill, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I am slowly learning to use this big powerful program photoshop (have taken
    a 2 day course on the basics, got a book for it, and have been digging
    around the menus to learn stuff as I go), and so far its amazing!

    Yet I have what I think is probably a pretty common problem that someone
    here might have a easier faster solution for me to use in photoshop.

    First off I am using Photoshop 6.0 and have a digital camera, when I load my
    pics onto the pc from my smart card reader I then open them in photoshop,
    they are HUGE so I have to first go in and reduce their size, then I choose
    save as and for the web to reduce the file size for sending out and for
    pictures my wife takes for her job (she sells homes so she comes in with
    LOTS of pics for me to get ready for her to email out and to use on her

    I don't mind resizing and saving for the web yet sometimes she will have
    like 20-30 pictures of one home and to manually one by one go thru and
    resize them then save for the web can take a long time and become very
    repetative for me.

    Is there a way to grab the entire folder or a group of photos and maybe
    resize all of them (they would all start as one common size and all be
    reduced to the same size) and or is there anyway to take that same group
    after they have been resized and save them all (for the web) with a common
    quality setting (i use 30% jpg) and it really reduces and still looks good).

    Basically I love the camera and photoshop and want to do these pics up
    faster in terms of reducing them and or saving them for the web, it would
    just give me alot more time to adjust and play with individual photos if I
    knew how to resize more than one or save more than one as described above.

    Sorry if this is such a basic question, but I figured someone here might be
    able to help,

    [email protected] (DOT) Com
    Bill, Jul 9, 2003
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  2. Bill

    J Stafford Guest

    Bill, FYI there may be an adjustment on your camera to lower the size of
    the image it takes.
    Yes. You can do so with great control using Actions (See Help Automate),
    however a Quick and Not-So-Dirty solution is to use the File -> Automate
    -> Web Gallery feature. It will do exactly what you wish. If you do not
    want the web gallery that it creates, then throw away all the output it
    produces _except_ the 'Images' folder!
    J Stafford, Jul 9, 2003
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  3. Bill

    Tom Thomas Guest

    -- snip for brevity --
    -- snip ---

    Chapter 15 in your User Guide explains exactly how to do this. You
    record an action to perform the functions you wish done on the image,
    then play the action in batch mode. It's really quite simple and well
    explained there, but far more that could be retyped here. When in
    doubt, RTFM.
    Tom Thomas, Jul 9, 2003
  4. Bill

    myJanee Guest

    I'm not sure what good it does to tell him to RTFM. I've spent way more
    time than i could guess R'ing TFM and i've still never been able to come
    up with a way to make an action which will actually do this
    satisfactorily. Basic? Probably. But when you're all by yourself with
    your computer and a newsgroup .. and the group is telling you to RTFM...
    well, here we are.

    I've tried doing just what Bill is asking, and have not been successful.
    Whenever i have tried to batch this, i always end up with inordinately
    huge files, even though i've done Save for web, specifying the
    compression, etc.. I've done this over and over.. different days,
    different kinds of procedures, but i surely can't come up with this,
    Always me, Janee

    -- for Janee's PS Tutorials and PS Resource Links,
    Janee's Monthly Art Challenge, Gallery, and more!

    If you like my answers or my website, you may want to have a look at my
    books! Photoshop Elements 2: Most Wanted, PS 7: Professional
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    myJanee, Jul 9, 2003
  5. Bill

    Kingdom Guest

    Kingdom, Jul 9, 2003
  6. Bill

    Tom Thomas Guest

    It works fine for me, and I did it by carefully RTFM and following the
    instructions _exactly_ and completely.

    If all he is trying to do is reduce image size and quality it is not
    necessary to use "Save for Web" and that's potentially where the
    action is failing. For automating as a batch, "Save as" JPG will work
    just fine. It's possible that the files are remaining huge because
    (as clearly stated in the manual) such commands must be actually
    changed in the course of creating the action. In other words, you
    have to set the value to something other than what you want as your
    result and then, as you record the action you change it to your
    desired setting. This is the only way that the action will know that
    you want the resolution changed. If the image compression dialog
    opens and you don't change it (i.e., it's already set where you want
    it) then the action will not change the compression when it's played
    in batch mode and you end up with files larger than you wanted.

    Sometimes the RTFM response is simply a way to frustrate people who
    stole the program instead of buying it legitimately; however, in this
    case it truly is necessary to read and fully understand all of Chapter
    15 if one is going to be successful. Clearly, nobody is going to post
    that entire chapter here. It would probably violate Adobe's copyright
    if they did. There are just way too many variables to explain this
    process without posting a message WAY too long for Usenet (like this
    one). ;-)
    Tom Thomas, Jul 10, 2003
  7. Bill

    Warren Sarle Guest

    Except that "Save as" produces larger file sizes due to the inclusion
    of lots of useless XMP data (i.e., many long strings of blanks).
    Warren Sarle, Jul 11, 2003
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