Using Premiere to mix AE Comps w/Narration & Music

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Elliott Ruga, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. Elliott Ruga

    Elliott Ruga Guest

    I have about 25 segments of animation, each created in After Effects as
    individual compositions. I thought to use Premiere for the final mix, adding
    the narration track and custom music soundtrack (giving me more precision
    tools for audio sweetening, mixing audio, transitioning between segments and
    fine-tuning) rather than doing the final mix in AE, for what will be a 3 to
    4 minute program.

    The segments looked great in AE and looked great rendered as uncompressed
    windows AVI files. Once imported into Premiere, the segs look like they are
    bleeding from over saturation in preview, and render from Premiere equally
    poorly as AVI files.

    The Premiere project settings are set for Windows Media. The frame rate
    setting matches the rendered segs too. Ultimately, the mixed program will
    run on CD, authored on Macromedia Director for playback on PC or Mac, so
    whether I use a Windows or Quicktime format to render the AE comps and
    import them into Premiere is inconsequential.

    My colors are not NTSC or web safe-- but why should they be if the program
    will only be viewed on an RGB monitor playing from a local drive?
    Elliott Ruga, Sep 12, 2003
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  2. Elliott Ruga

    Mark Smith Guest

    Why don't you try to set the project in Premiere as uncompressed as well,
    saving the compression for the "make movie" stage. See if you don't get
    different results. Setting Premiere to "Windows Media", you haven't really
    indicated a compression, just a format.
    Mark Smith, Sep 12, 2003
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  3. Elliott Ruga

    eruga Guest

    Selecting no compression in the project settings yielded the same results. I
    eventually re-rendered the AE comps as non-compressed QuickTime movies, and
    matched the settings in Premiere. This corrected the bleeding and over
    driven colors but introduced another problem--- Preview files for
    transitions and previews during scrubbing were several frames out of sync
    with the non-rendered portions of the clip on the timeline. I eventually
    solved this by applying a fast blur filter to all the clips, with a value
    set to 0, forcing Premiere to render everything but putting everything in
    sync. It worked, but I have no idea why this occurred in the first place.
    It's always something!
    eruga, Sep 13, 2003
  4. Elliott Ruga

    Mark Smith Guest

    There is a switch in the video settings dialog to "always recompress". That
    may be a tad quicker than the filter set at 0, maybe not. You really
    shouldn't have to jump through all those hoops, but thats life on the
    bleeding edge.
    Mark Smith, Sep 13, 2003
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