Using the Canon 430EZ as a slaved flash

Discussion in 'Canon' started by sgfan3, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. sgfan3

    sgfan3 Guest

    Hi All. I've read the manuals for the Canon 420EZ and 430EZ speedlites and can't find the answers to my questions. So I thought I would tap your collective wisdom.

    I want to use this flash (probably the 430 but possibly the 420) as a manually set, non-TTL second light triggered by a Pocket Wizard radio transmitter and receiver at weddings.

    1) How do I set the desired aperture? Remember, the flash is not connected to an EOS camera.
    2) How do I set the desired film speed?
    3) How do I turn off the power saving feature?
    4) Can any of this be accomplished when the flash is not directly connected to an EOS camera?
    If the answer is no, what is the minimum EOS Canon flash (read, least expensive! :) that can accomplish this?

    I'm much more familiar with Nikon flashes and all of this can be set manually. TIA
    sgfan3, Mar 11, 2006
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