using the multi-camera feature in Vegas

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Brian, May 25, 2013.

  1. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Has any one used the multi-camera feature ?
    I started using it for the first time when two cameras filmed the same
    event and I was asked to edit the movie.
    In using this feature I could be digging a deeper hole for myself as there
    does not seem to be a way of crossfading scenes when changing between
    cameras. When you have finished it appears as a single track but you can
    save it so you can go back into the multi-camera mode and carry on
    switching between cameras or making adjustments of where the switch between
    two cameras should be.
    Apart from the lack of crossfading it seems (but I have not tried it yet)
    that if you were to rearrange the scenes in a different order then you
    can't go back to multi-camera editing. Also you have a smaller screen to
    view the camera scenes as the preview screen is divided into four sections
    to allow you to choose which camera to be used while viewing the recording.
    It's still an area I'm exploring but I'd like to hear from anyone that has
    been successful in using the multi-camera option and some of the pros and
    cons in using this method of editing.
    Brian, May 25, 2013
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  2. "Poissonally" I don't see the need for using this, especially
    with a two-camera edit. Synch the two cameras on two tracks,
    use the track on/off switches to see what you want to use,
    cut and remove the "losers", refine and then combine what
    remains onto a third track, refine the overlaps for dissolves
    or straight-cuts (being careful not to alter the placement of
    the pieces on the timeline as you work), and, Ta-DAH! 8^)
    Also, it is often a good idea to ungroup the picture and sound
    so that you can keep the complete sound from both cameras for
    later sound-editing (adjusting the two tracks, if necessary,
    to compensate for their different distances from the sound
    sources). Mixing and/or adjusting the levels (and filtration
    used for each) for the sound tracks often gives better sound
    than using just one of the two tracks...
    David Ruether, May 25, 2013
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  3. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Thanks David for your help.

    In this case a wireless mic was used on the main speaker which gave the
    best sound so I used this as a single sound track for both cameras. Also
    one of the cameras was at the back of the room to capture a back view of
    the audience as a wide shot and for some mid front shots of the speaker so
    the sound is not so good from the camera mic.

    When you said combine the two video tracks onto a third track then do you
    mean move the bits of video from tracks one and two to form a third track
    or is there a way in Vegas to merge two tracks into a third track.

    I get a feeling that the multi-cam feature is a quick and easy way to
    combine recording from two cameras when you are in a hurry to create the
    video but may be of no use when you want full control over your video.
    Brian, May 26, 2013
  4. You're welcome! Especially if it was useful...;-)
    This appears to be the best solution in this instance... When
    I shot weddings, sometimes five or six sound tracks were available,
    and these could be mixed for ambience, close-in ceremony, speaker,
    and music/singers audio - but you have need here only for the
    speaker, it appears...;-)
    The former - this permits you to easily adjust clip ends for best
    cuts or overlaps. You can also leave the pieces on two (or more)
    tracks, using fades and straight-cuts to get what you want when the
    pieces are combined at export (with no need then to assemble them
    on a single track before export...).
    I think this is true...;-)
    David Ruether, May 26, 2013
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