Variable Density is better that Variable Area

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Radium, May 31, 2007.

  1. Radium

    Ken Layton Guest

    One must also take into account the different soundtrack compositions
    over the years:

    Silver applicated was used since the beginning of optical sound. This
    was the best type of application till the tree huggers got into the

    High Magenta is just ok

    Cyan is equal to dog shit.
    Ken Layton, Jun 1, 2007
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  2. Set followups.
    John McWilliams, Jun 1, 2007
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  3. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Um, M$ GS Wavetable SW Synth is still present in around
    99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999% of computers in the world --
    including MACs. Yes, even Macintoshes -- and other non-M$ OSes -- are
    also polluted with the kakaa stinky M$ GS Wavetable SW Synth.
    Anyone with sensitive ears definitely cares.
    Both are tolerable compared human kakaa. Human kakaa is the stinkiest
    of all kakaa. Human kakaa stinks badlier than all non-human kakaa put
    Radium, Jun 1, 2007
  4. Radium

    Pudentame Guest

    Less work to clean up.
    Pudentame, Jun 1, 2007
  5. Radium

    dpierce Guest

    But if you're riding a horse, you're farther away from it than
    if you're riding a dog and it smells less.
    dpierce, Jun 2, 2007
  6. Radium

    peterh5322 Guest

    Too much. Much too much.

    IOW, if you're asking, you can't afford it.

    Everyone wants a "Dolby Stereo", or the "open" equivalent of the same,
    with their digital format, and the "Dolby Stereo" format is necessarily
    based upon a circa 1947 WECo recorder with its circa 1937 Stereo
    Variable Area valve.

    Only DTS stereo doesn't have a fallback to optical analog stereo.
    peterh5322, Jun 2, 2007
  7. Entertaining thread. Is like watching an old Three Stooges film in a
    THX system...
    Sergio Sanmiguel, Jun 2, 2007
  8. Radium

    Mr.T Guest

    So what? Nobody in their right mind uses it. 99% of people don't know what
    MIDI is anyway. Those that do use proper software synths.
    Bullshit, anyone who really cares uses something else, certainly *NOT*
    Creative FM synth!!!

    Mr.T, Jun 2, 2007
  9. Radium

    dizzy Guest

    Cross-posting asshole troll.

    dizzy, Jun 2, 2007
  10. Naaaa.....It's not nearly as sophisticated as that.......
    William Graham, Jun 2, 2007
  11. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Um, there are plenty jerks who advocate that kakaa-stink M$GSWSWS.
    There are too many scumbag fans of the following foam-kakaa of the
    following *soundcard-MIDI-only synths*:

    1. Softsynths
    2. Emulations
    3. Sample-playbacks
    4. Soundfonts
    Um, that depends.

    Creative Music Synth = the fresh, delicious, heavenly, bright, warm,
    cool, vibrating, buzzing, tingly, rejuvenating, refreshing aroma of
    sour, organic, natural, pesticide-free, red-&-green peaches right from
    the tree.

    Soundcard-MIDI-only softsynths, emulations, sample-playbacks, and
    soundfonts = the hellish stink of stinky, thick, foamy, tickly, itchy,
    hissy, sticky, terrifying, disgusting, and annoying kakaa foam syrup
    of a human who eats stale, fat-free cheddar cheese, sticky milk
    chocolate, rotten lentils, and farty cauliflower

    Please note: I am only against soundcard-MIDI-based softsynths,
    emulations, sample-playbacks, and soundfonts.

    I have absolutely nothing against any type of synth that's non-MIDI
    and/or non-soundcard - including softsynths, emulations, sample-
    playbacks, and soundfonts that are non-MIDI and/or non-soundcard.

    The worst soundcard-MIDI synth in the entire universe is the synth
    present in the soundcards of the 3 PCs in the Career Center of Diamond
    Bar High School - the High School I went to. The last time I checked
    that MIDI synth was in the spring of 2002. I believe it is "Crystal
    soundfont." Not sure, but it *did* have the word "Crystal" in it, when
    I checked the MIDI tab of the audio devices in one of those PC's
    control panels.

    In case anyone wants an ear sore I'll give them the address to DBHS.
    Once you go to the school, ask someone where the career center is.
    Last time I checked it was next to the library. If you are an auditory-
    masochist and love to torture your sound-perception, feel free to play
    MIDIs on anyone of the 3 PCs. Your ears will hate you for it.

    You'll need a pass from the school office in order to enter the rest
    of the school.

    Other than the MIDI synths of the 3 PCs in the Career Center, DBHS is
    an excellent, top-notch high school. Probably the best high school in
    the state of California.

    Here is a link to their website:

    Here is the address:

    21400 Pathfinder Road
    Diamond Bar, CA 91765

    Phone #: (909) 594-1405
    Radium, Jun 3, 2007
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