Vegas 5- wav hammer included?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by terry, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. terry

    terry Guest

    Wav hammer Sound Forge audio pluggin.

    I looked over some literature that seems to imply wav-hammer is now included
    with Vegas. But it isn't listed as a new feature. Is it?
    terry, Sep 2, 2004
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  2. terry

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    Nope. As you said, it's a part of Sound Forge. If you have it on your
    computer, Vegas will see it as a plug-in, otherwise no.

    Mike Kujbida, Sep 2, 2004
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  3. terry

    Radiobyfm9 Guest

    Wait, I'm confused....I never purchased wave hammer, but it appeared when I
    installed Vegas 5. I thought they decided to include it. It's a great thing
    to include, if you know how to not misuse it.
    Radiobyfm9, Sep 5, 2004
  4. terry

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    Sorry, you're right. I just checked Sony's site and, in the marketing blurb
    for Vegas, it says "...effects for the master bus include EQ, Dither, and
    Wave Hammer Surround compression tools."
    I had it as part of Sound Forge before I got Vegas which is probably the
    reason for the confusion.
    Unfortunately however, the Vegas manual makes NO reference whatsoever to
    Wave Hammer.

    Mike Kujbida, Sep 5, 2004
  5. terry

    Hal Guest

    Check page 51 of the updated manual for plug-in info. Wave Hammer is shown
    in fig. 46.


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    audios) (Best website host/great prices)

    Hal, Sep 5, 2004
  6. terry

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    Thanks Hal. I grabbed the new manual at the office but forgot to get it
    here at home :-(

    Mike Kujbida, Sep 5, 2004
  7. .effects for the master bus include EQ, Dither, and
    Does that mean it only works on surround projects at the master bus level?
    Still using version 4 here.

    Craig H.
    HighPeaksVideo, Sep 5, 2004
  8. terry

    Hal Guest

    Hal, Sep 5, 2004
  9. terry

    Hal Guest

    Hi Craig,

    Hope all is going well with you. Regarding your post, a little further on
    in the instructions it adds:
    "You can also apply 5.1 plug-ins at the track level. In fact, since every
    track has (by default) an effects chain that includes the Track EQ plug-in,
    you can use the Channel tab to route the EQ on that track however you want.
    It probably doesn't come as much of a surprise then that you can also use
    these techniques with assignable effects too. "

    Take care,

    Hal Lowe (HaloweGraphics SuperStore) (free original video textures) (Best website host/great prices)
    Hal, Sep 5, 2004
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