Vegas 7 relative noob, rendering evil / end result stuttering aaaa

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by rrieaa sefifjls, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. yo video production folk: Ok, I'm pretty new to NLE world, but have many
    years of pc building experience, & messing with Pro Tools and other
    DAW's etc, in a variety of formats and on a variety of pc systems. Vegas
    7 seems pretty darn easy to use so I went with it. I am not going to do
    anything but make music videos, so nothing will be longer than 3 or 4
    minutes tops (no Thriller for me!).

    current system -

    mb: gigabyte
    proc: Amd Athlon 64 3000+
    ram: 2gb DDR 400mhz pc3200 ram
    hd seagate barracuda 7200
    video card nvidia geforce 6200 256 mb

    Vegas seems to work fine as far as I can tell. After much ado and
    research I discovered that editing found footage online, most of which
    appears to be compressed (mpegs, what have you), is a total crapshoot
    and that even getting the proper codecs to let you play stuff back is a
    nightmare as far as if you want to do anything but cut and paste them
    together without any sort of effects. A bummer. I also could not find
    any software (virtual dub included) that appeared to be able to
    consistently reencode the footage into something Vegas liked. Anyone?


    I took it upon myself to create my own avi footage using my little canon
    digital camera. "It makes avi's", I said to myself. Sure enough, though,
    the freaking canon camera needs its own custom codec, which I obtained
    and thus it let me play the stuff back fine - the codec I got is from
    Morgan multimedia, their M-JPEG codec. Edits work fine. Everything plays
    back smoothly with a few fx I have applied, in draft and preview mode,
    at 'full' size. The playback slows down kinda jerky in 'good' and
    'best' mode, but I just assumed this was because of my system power, and
    that after rendering, the final file for playback would play a-ok.

    NO such luck. I have tried every darn thing I can think of - I have
    tweaked the hell out of xp. Every drive is defragged. I have nuked every
    background process that I could think of that might affect my render
    testing including windows explorer. I also tried test renders w/jacking
    up the priority on Vegas itself just to see what would happen. This does
    in fact all make a huge difference in render speed, but the end result
    is the same... an avi that stutters seemingly every second or so in the
    playback. I have tried messing with Vegas' 'video' tab to adjust the
    codec for rendering, but none of them really seem to make much
    difference. Additionally, even though previewing the video in Vegas
    looks great and the settings seem fine - lets say DV NTSC 29.97, the
    resulting framerate on the render says something like 25fps, and the
    rate seems to jump around according to the display. I know my little
    digital camera is not ideal for making this stuff, so.

    1. is there no way to make this thing work with my canon sd500 output? I
    know it's a wack format, but that codec from Morgan multimedia is pretty
    thorough looking as far as features go. Not that I have any idea what
    half of them are. If not, do people just generally xfer from DV cams
    only, and that's it? What in the name of all that is holy is the EXACT
    preferred format of incoming video in Vegas? And why bother supporting
    all these other formats for playback in Vegas if it refuses to render it
    to a usable file?

    2. If you guys think this setup is in fact doable, what the heck is up
    with the render?

    Thanks so, so much for your help.


    Jeff Rosenberg
    bitter kitten media
    austin, tx

    (512) 659-1187
    rrieaa sefifjls, Feb 7, 2007
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  2. rrieaa sefifjls

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    Jeff, see responses inline.

    Most of us have miniDV camcorders and edit the footage we shoot.

    That's correct. Playback in a Vegas system defnitely depends on your CPU.
    Add FX and playback will be affected.

    How are you viewing the finished product?

    Sure is. I've got a Canon S50 and have done this before so I know it works.

    That's the primary reason NLEs are exist :)

    DV-AVI (from a camcorder) is preferred but Vegas can handle damn near
    anything, including formats a lot of other NLEs complety ignore or choke on.

    It does. You just need to be patient and learn to use the software.

    It's extremely doable.
    What format are you trying to render out to?
    If it's AVI, choose "video for windows (*.avi) in the "Save as Type" box and
    NTSC DV in the "Template" box.
    My home AMD is only a 2200+ and I have no problems doing anything you've
    described so far.

    Here's a few sites for you to spend some time on.
    Comprehensive list of Vegas links:
    Excellent newsletters (PDF format - grab all of them):
    Samples of training videos from Sony:

    Mike Kujbida, Feb 7, 2007
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  3. rrieaa sefifjls

    theDVshow Guest

    have you checked your hard disk speed?

    Disks should have a rotational speed of 7200 rpms or greater. As you
    save more content to the disk, access and transfer times to the disk
    increase to slow performance. If you work with disks at near-capacity,
    use a faster disk (for example, one with a speed of 10,000 rpms) to
    compensate for the decrease in performance.

    If you use external drives, make sure that the cables can handle the
    drives' data rates and rotational speeds. Having a large capacity UDMA
    66 IDE or SCSI drive dedicated to video only is the best.

    Also, Windows enables Direct Memory Access (DMA) by default on most
    IDE devices . If DMA has been disabled, reenable it to improve the
    transfer rate of IDE disks and prevent dropped frames and jerky video
    during capture and playback.

    Brian Alves

    Listen to the only Podcast that
    answers listener questions related to digital video:
    forgot to mention some camcorders:
    theDVshow, Feb 7, 2007
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