Vegas 8, Canon HG10/AVCHD and Avivo

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Stephen Cowell, May 26, 2008.

  1. I'm trying to find editting software will leverage the Avivo
    codec for my Sapphire Radeon 3850 AGP... not ready
    to get a new MB (currently AMD3000+ 2GHz). Am I
    just farting upwind? I'd love pro-level stuff like Vegas 8,
    but I'm leery of the 'Sony Only' AVCHD issue... has that
    been resolved? Currently I'm also considering CyberLink's
    Power Director 7 Ultra... talks about AVCHD, but never
    mentions Avivo... their PowerDVD 8 Ultra does mention
    Avivo. Is the Avivo hardware codec not useful for
    video editting? Still learning here... thanks for any advice.
    Stephen Cowell, May 26, 2008
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  2. Stephen Cowell

    Smarty Guest


    Vegas 8 will edit Canon AVCHD very well, assuming you have an adequate CPU
    and RAM. A computer less than a dual core is essentially unable to edit
    AVCHD using Vegas or any of the half dozen other programs I have tried. A
    quad core machine is really very preferable for AVCHD editing if you are
    going to use Vegas 8 Pro.

    Other AVCHD editing options would be Ulead Video Studio 11.5, Ulead Movie
    Factory 6 Plus, Nero Vision (latest version), Pinnacle, Magix Movie Edit
    Pro, and Cyberlink's 2 programs.

    If you are committed to editing AVCHD on a machine such as the one you
    currently own, then I would strongly recommend either Vasst's Upshift or
    Voltaic's HDV converter, both of which transcode AVCHD into HDV, a far
    easier to handle format.

    Smarty, May 26, 2008
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  3. Stephen Cowell

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    With the exception of certain cards designed to take advantage of the
    new version of Magic Bullet, you won't gain anything using a good video
    card with Vegas.

    What do you mean by "the 'Sony Only' AVCHD issue"?
    As long as you have a quad core, AVCHD editing in Vegas is OK,
    especially since VASST & NewBlueFX introduced AVCHD UpShift (standalone
    program to convert MPEG4 AVC files to MPEG2 for ease of editing).
    Cost is $49 and details are at

    Mike Kujbida, May 26, 2008
  4. It is my understanding that my Athlon 64, running XP Pro 32bit,
    is, in effect, a dual-core machine. If I can't find a program to
    use the Avivo hardware codec it looks like my MB just may
    not be capable.
    Thanks... after my experiences with Studio 9, I will be
    avoiding Pinnacle products. Currently considering
    Nero or Cyberlink.
    OK, thanks for the tip... I was thinking that the Avivo
    codec did this for me... not sure if anyone here has
    experience with Avivo and AVCHD. IIMU that,
    with the Avivo codec, these converters should
    run very fast... if they use the codec, that is. I was
    just hoping to find an editor that used Avivo to
    lessen the CPU requirements.
    Stephen Cowell, May 26, 2008
  5. Sad to know...
    I'd heard that the first release of V8 didn't support Canon
    AVCHD... glad to hear that's fixed.
    "AVCHD UpShift is the answer for the AVC editing blues. This stand alone AVC
    file conversion application will allow you to convert your AVCHD clips to
    high bitrate MPEG files able to be edited on any MPEG2 capable NLE."

    Thanks for the tip... I'll check it out.

    I was hoping that Avivo already did this for me... I just
    tried the Avivo converter, it wouldn't accept files in
    ..m2ts format. For some reason, this pisses me off...
    the whole AVCHD, mp4, m2ts h.264 thing is confusing
    as hell. I just Avivoed an .mpg into mp4... iTunes
    wouldn't put it on my iPhone, said "it cannot be played
    on this iPhone"... the Avivo converter gave me this as
    an iPhone format. It did run fast, faster than real time...
    but useless is as useless does. Super seems to work...
    not that slow, either, about the same speed as Avivo.
    I wonder if it's using the Avivo codec? Super was
    slower before... it seems.

    Now I have another question... is m2ts AVCHD?
    I thought it was... now I'm having doubts.

    Sorry for the rant... I know this stuff is complex.
    Thanks for any and all help/suggestions.
    Stephen Cowell, May 26, 2008
  6. Stephen Cowell

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    It is.
    Apparently some manufacturers label it as mts while others use m2ts.

    Mike Kujbida, May 26, 2008
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