Vegas HD Platinum not recognising a Lagarith lossless codec

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Peter, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    I installed this using the installer provided on their website

    and it shows up on the Gspot codec listing feature, but Vegas does not
    offer it in its list of output options.

    The objective is to find a way to output edited video in a lossless
    manner, for compression by Handbrake.

    Instead, I am using the Sony AVC/MVC HD 1920x1080-50P output option.
    This is the highest quality I can find in Vegas. I wonder if it
    de-interlaces the ex-Canon camcorder 50i output? I can't tell by
    Peter, Aug 1, 2011
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  2. Peter

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    Select AVI in the 'Save as type" box, click the "Custom button next to
    the "Template" box, click the "Video" tab, select Lagarith in the "Video
    format" box and customize as desired.

    Mike Kujbida, Aug 2, 2011
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  3. Peter

    Peter Guest

    In Vegas 11, the Save As option merely saves the project, not the

    There are two ways to output videos that I can see: Render or Make
    Movie. Both end up in the same form which lists various formats.

    If I could list them I would post them all but I can't see a list :)

    Speaking of AVI, the only one labelled thus is Video for Windows, and
    under that is various stuff e.g.

    NTSC DV 24P
    PAL DV
    down to
    HD 1080 60I YUV
    HD 1080 50I YUV =
    HD 1080 24P YUV

    The "=" symbol appears next to 50i options in this and all other
    options, suggesting that Vegas knows the imported video is 50i
    (correct) and it is offering the best option for that resolution. For
    example under the SONY options I see

    AVCHD 1080x1920x50i =

    Anyway I now know to use AVI so will use the
    HD 1080 50I YUV =
    one for all output.

    Deinterlacing to 25P (or 30P, for the Iphone output option) can be
    done in Handbrake.
    Peter, Aug 2, 2011
  4. Peter

    Mxsmanic Guest

    I think that the = simply means that the current options exactly match the
    indicated preset, not that they are the best options.
    Mxsmanic, Aug 2, 2011
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