velvia 50 vs e100vs for mural size prints

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by Ed Margiewicz, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. I'm have a tough time deciding which film to use on my fall color photo
    trip----velvia 50 or e100vs in 4x5 and 2-1/4. I would like to use my
    standby velvia 50 because of it's fine grain. I dread, however, the
    reciprocity compensations and color shifts with long exposures----most of my
    exposures have been 8 to 25 seconds. I like Kodak's e100vs for its color
    saturation but am afraid to use it because of its' larger grain structure
    ( rms 11 vs. 9 for velvia). If I am lucky enough to capture an image worth
    enlarging to mural size I don't know if the grain size in these two films
    would make a difference, especially with a 4x5 transparency or a 2-1/4
    transparency. Does anyone have any experience making large prints with both
    of these films.
    Ed M
    Ed Margiewicz, Sep 7, 2003
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  2. Ed,

    I have not made murals from Velvia, but have from Ektachrome 100. The subject
    was architecture. I made 20x30s from 35mm and 30x40 from 2 1/4. The quality was
    excellent. The teeny bit of grain showing certainly did not affect the quality
    of the picture. When your comparing 11rms vs. 9 you are not talking about that
    much difference. I have seen older murals printed from Kodak Kodacolor that were
    superb and they had grain. I have printed hocky murals shot with Fuji 1600 that
    had grain the size of marbles, but were excellent shots. Grainlessness does not
    equal technical low quality. On the money exposure is more important. Look at
    the beautiful work shot by many with Tri-X and printed mural size. I know that
    is B&W, but the concept remain the same. Since you will be working with large
    negatives go with the film that makes getting the picture less hassle - the
    100vs. The color is great and the one stop advantage can make a big difference
    on a breezy day.

    If large prints are your final goal maybe you should be looking at one of the
    excellent negative films whose quality equals or exceeds slide films for making
    prints.- Fuji Superia Reala in 120 or Fuji NPS 160 in 120 or 4x5- or Kodak Porta
    in 120 or 4x5- all are superior films rivaling any slide film for quality
    especially when making large prints.

    Frank Rome, NY
    Frank Calidonna, Sep 8, 2003
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  3. Ed Margiewicz

    UrbanVoyeur Guest

    At mural size the difference between the films grain wise will be minimal,
    at a reasonable view distance - say 3-5 m away. I've assisted on mural
    shoots with both velvia and e 100.

    Of greater importance will be negative size, film flatness, tripod stability
    and lens quality.

    If you are gong mural size
    - use 4x5 with top quality coated optics - rent if you have to, it will be
    worth it
    - If you do use 4x5, use a very high quality, very clean film holders. Load
    in a dark bathroom at night after running the shower for 10 minutes. It will
    be dust free.
    - Sand bag you tripod.
    - Allow your tripod& camera to settle (stop vibrating) after an adjustment
    before you shoot.

    If you sue 2 1/2, a lot will depends on the quality of your lenses and the
    flatness of your film transport.

    Now if you really wan to do it up right, get an 8x10 or 11x14. The 8x10 is
    not much more to buy or shoot with than a 4x5 (you're not going to make that
    many exposures) but the jump in quality when doing extreme enlargements is
    not subtle.
    UrbanVoyeur, Sep 8, 2003
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