Very strange problem with Philips DVD Player ("padding")

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by szymek, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. szymek

    szymek Guest

    I hope it's the right forum to present my problem.

    I use iMac G4 with Pioneer DVR-104 to burn my DVDs and Philips stand
    alone player DVD955.
    Firmware for both burner and player are up-to-date. I use DVD-R
    (acceted by both).
    When I back-up commercial DVDs using my iMac there are absolutely no
    problems playing them on my DVD955.
    However, when I create my own DVDs - either using Apple's authoring
    software or from video files like .wmv - they are not recognised by my
    Philips DVD player (tries to read them for several minutes and spits
    Interestingly enough, they play perfectly OK on my iMac, my PC and my
    friend's DVD player.
    I spent days searching the net and found only one possible explanation:

    Philips DVD955 (and other models in this line like DVD711 etc.) don't
    like DVDs with less than 4Gb of data!?!?

    The message I found:
    "Tested a Pioneer DVD-RW disk (DVS-RW47B/E) burnt with Nero
    a Pioneer DVR-104 with success on my european DVD711.
    Used the as a guide.

    !I Had to add a file named pad.dat to the root off the DVD-RW to
    make the
    larger than 4Gb !! "

    Please have a look at:


    Does it make any sense for you?
    Could it be really the explanation of my problem?
    If yes, how to create such a "padding"?

    szymek, Oct 20, 2006
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  2. szymek wrote ...
    It sounds well within the parameters of modern reality.
    Stranger things have been discovered.
    Put your video in twice (or 3x or whatever it takes)
    You don't necessarily have to have a way of accessing
    it, do you?

    Vote with your feet. Don't patronize brands that make
    such user-vicious products. You could buy a no-name
    DVD player from China that will play anything for
    less $$$ than it would cost to send your Philips back
    to Eindhoven in protest.
    Richard Crowley, Oct 20, 2006
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  3. szymek

    webpa Guest

    Yes, older, more expensive, less-capable DVD players had MANY quirks
    like this. I'm pretty sure Nero 5.x and up has an option somewhere to
    insert "padding" up to 4 gb. If not, your DVD authoring software might
    have such an option (MyDVD does, for example).
    webpa, Oct 22, 2006
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