VHS to DVD: Camcorder tapes to DVD

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Rob Brooks, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Rob Brooks

    Rob Brooks Guest

    I am a newbie and first timer on here. I would like some advice on
    equipment that I am considering buying. First of all I have a huge
    collection of VHS tapes that I would like to convert to DVD. Currently I do
    not have a working VHS machine. I also have a Sony Video camcorder with a
    collection of HI 8 tapes that have many clips that I also want to transfer
    to DVD. I have a digital Video creator (Dazzle -Pinnacle studio) with
    accompanying software for transferring from VHS or HI8 tapes through to my

    What are my options here?

    I know that I am in a time warp, but want to catch up with the latest
    technlogy at a reasonable price.

    Hope you can assist

    Rob Brooks, Jan 13, 2008
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  2. Rob Brooks

    OnRequest Guest

    I am also converting my old VHS tapes to digital form, and like you, do not
    own a VCR. What I did was buy a combination VCR/DVD Recorder. I then put
    my tape into one side of the recorder and dub the video to the DVD, which
    accomplishes the task at its simplest. Because I want to edit the video
    further, I then copy the files from the dubbed DVD with my DVDRW drive into
    my computer for editing, and eventual burning to a final DVD. That is my
    process. I have read that the tools you have, like your camcorder and
    Dazzle device would allow you to get your video from tape to your computer
    and thence to a DVD, but I do not know enough about that process to comment
    further. Just one method you might consider.
    OnRequest, Jan 13, 2008
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  3. "Rob Brooks" wrote ...
    What equipment are you considering buying?
    Are these commercial releases (Hollywood movies, etc.)?
    If so, then they are likely copy-protected by Macrovision
    and not copyable by simple methods. Consider just playing
    the tapes and/or replacing them with the DVD equivalent.
    Is it working? What is preventing you from importing your
    Hi8 tapes from your camcorder? Do you have a DVD writing
    drive on your computer?
    You could get a combination VHS/DVD recorder which
    would allow you to directly copy VHS to DVD (or from
    your Hi8 camcorder to DVD). This would certcinly be
    the simplest method, assuming two things...
    1) You don't need to do any editing
    2) The VHS tapes are not copy-protected.
    Richard Crowley, Jan 13, 2008
  4. Rob Brooks

    Rob Brooks Guest

    Thanks for this -sounds what I need is this. I have been looking at Argos
    and online since I first posted this

    Would the Sony RDRVX450-DVD VCR combi do the trick?
    I see this varies in price from £160 on Amazon to £230 at Argos.

    Any others that you may have looked at?

    Also - I am not thinking of movies to DVD. My VHS tapes are all camcorder
    home videos

    Rob Brooks, Jan 13, 2008
  5. "Rob Brooks" wrote ...
    It looks like it would do the job. I am a great fan of Sony
    equipment, and I have a lot of Sony audio, video, and even
    computer equipment. However their VHS/DVD combo units
    over here in the Colonies tend to be higher priced than other
    brands, and I would shop around for better value. Dunno
    what kinds of equipment are availble over there on yoru side.
    Over here, Lite-On has a good reputation for quality & value.
    Good, then you won't have to deal with Macrovision, etc.
    Richard Crowley, Jan 13, 2008
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