VHS to mpeg conversion

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by BP, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. BP

    BP Guest

    I'm taking a crack at developing websites for Actors, musicians, etc.
    One thing I need to know is how to take an Actor's movie reel and
    convert it into a format that I can put on their website. Is this
    something I should outsource or are there programs that allow me to do
    this? Any ideas welcome - thanks.
    BP, Apr 12, 2004
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  2. Tutorials and software reviews here http://www.dvdrhelp.com

    John Thomas Smith
    John Thomas Smith, Apr 13, 2004
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  3. You didn't say wither your a web designer or a video producer.

    3 Basic ways with multiple formats.

    Real Video - Personally I hate real video.. Spy ware crap.. My personal
    opinion. If I see that a site is only offering video in .rm format, I
    move on..

    Windows Media 9 - WM9 has done excellent in producing clean, concise
    video. I haven't worked with Media nine yet, but I have found that
    Microsoft has provided lots of details on how to go about building web
    content using WM9.

    Quicktime 6 - My personally favorite, and what seams to be an industry
    standard for demo reels. QT using the Sorenson CODEC is what most
    people use. QT is able to achieve great compression, and still have
    great looking video. Another possibility is the use of .mp4 here.
    Mpeg-4 is a brand new CODEC, and for me seams to produce even sharper
    video than Sorenson 3, plus you can use AAC audio which is a replacement
    for mp3 steaming audio. Downfalls... viewers would have to have QT
    installed on their computer to view this. The Apple website has just
    outstanding support documentation on creating streaming content. And
    also over to the Quicktime movie trailers and study how they do this by
    looking at the source codes of the HTML pages.

    And, unfortunately each person that comes to your site, inorder to see
    video, they must have one of these 3 players also installed on your
    computer. Because of the Microsoft's monopoly, more people have Windows
    Media, as any windows updates you'll need to do force you to install
    WMP. So most people have WMP.

    Keep in mind that there are 3 major OS's on the market these days.. And
    as a web designer it's your duty to try to accommodate industry set web
    standards, and NOT Microsoft standards, and please don't build a page
    that says, "best viewed with IE/WMP"!! So, I would use windows player,
    and quicktime. Or if space is a problem on your webhost, when forced
    just use Quicktime and try to encourage the use of the Quicktime player
    to your viewers as it's free for Windows OS, Mac OS, and there's even a
    QT player for linux now.

    There is however a 4th solution. Are you familiar with
    Dreamweaver/Flash MX 2004? If you have the Pro versions, you can create
    using sorenson squeeze, a new format called Flash Video or .FLV file.
    This is something new that allows you to embed a .flv video into a flash
    application. Why??.. because if you used Flash as your player, you
    would solve a huge amount of compatibility problems and not force anyone
    to install another application on their computer. Flash players have a
    near 98% saturation on browsers right now. This option is a little bit
    more complex as you'll have to do your homework on this new format, but
    it might be worth it to you.

    Either way.. a good start would be Quicktime website

    Hope this helps out.
    Richard Ragon, Apr 13, 2004
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