Via 4 in 1 drivers, MPEG2 capture and an very old motherboard

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Ar Q, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Ar Q

    Ar Q Guest

    I need some help here. I have problems to capture MPEG2 files using an old
    computer. The specs are
    Asus P3V4X
    Celeron 1.1A or Pentium III CPU
    512 MB DRAM
    MS Win 2K Pro with SP4
    Direct X 8.1b
    ATI AIW 128 Pro (Catalyst 2.1 and MMC 7.7)

    The system can only capture without freezing if using VIA 4.28 driver. (I
    downloaded it in a package with BIOS 1005 and Enable AGP 4X patch as ASUS
    recommended.) The problem is that after installing VIA 4.28 driver, there is
    no "advanced setting" tab, so Ultra DMA mode is not used but PIO mode. ATI
    MMC will run fine although it would complain the PIO mode. But when later I
    want to use Nero to burn SVCD, Nero would stop with an error. I have to send
    the files to other computer for burning.

    I have tried other versions starting from 4.29 to 4.43 (VIA recommending
    this version 4.43), but every version leads to capture freezing/stuttering
    problem even I disable UDMA manually. Anyone knows why only the old driver

    The second question is, in what sequence do you install Windows 2K SP4
    patch, VIA 4 in 1driver, Direct X and MS Windows Media Player?

    Thanks in advance,

    Ar Q
    Ar Q, Feb 8, 2004
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