video editing for parallel screen projection ("video wall" with twoscreens side by side)

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Alain Kessi, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Alain Kessi

    Alain Kessi Guest

    hi there!

    i'm trying to edit a film in the format 1440x576 (double-width with
    respect to dv pal), with the aim of exporting it afterwards to two
    different dvd's (left half, right half). the idea is to be able to edit
    the two videos together, to adjust timings, etc., between the two
    halves, but then use two dvd players and two video projectors to screen
    the two halves separately (synchronized).

    my first attempt is using adobe premiere pro 2.0. i set up the project
    using Editing Mode: Desktop (Pal does not allow me to change the number
    of pixels), and i double the width in terms of pixels. having done that,
    i can nicely edit the two halves in parallel (as one movie). but how do
    i export it as the left half and the right half separately? or should i
    export it as one, and then use a different software to crop it (once for
    the left, once for the right)? any hints as to which software would be
    appropriate (any freeware?)?

    does anyone have experience with doing something of the kind, either in
    premiere or with another software?

    thanks for any hints! please cc: me by e-mail on any reply.


    Alain Kessi, Feb 22, 2007
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  2. Alain Kessi

    Alain Kessi Guest

    just in case someone's curious, here's how i did it, after looking in
    vain for a possibility to export only a cropped part of the working area
    from Premiere: as i was hoping VirtualDubMod (freeware) offers the
    possibility to crop the movie after exporting from Premiere:
    Video/Filters.../Add.../null transform. then still from Video/Filters...
    with the null transform selected, use Crop... and indicate once x1
    offset=0; y1 offset=0; x2 offset=720; y2 offset=0, then once again with
    x1 offset=720; y1 offset=0; x2 offset=0; y2 offset=0, exporting the
    former as the left screen, the latter as the right screen.

    only strange Premiere should not have such a feature... i'd still be
    interested if someone points me to how this is done in Premiere itself.


    Alain Kessi, Feb 23, 2007
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  3. Alain Kessi

    Stuart Guest

    You can do it in Vegas 6 it's called Distributed Rendering and you select
    'Render using networked computers.'

    So try the help file in Premiere for something similar...
    Stuart, Feb 24, 2007
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