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Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Hrvoje, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Just to add my twopenneth - I had a VHS (not S-VHS) machine that could work
    out the position of the tape. I am not sure whether it was my first
    recorder, a JVC, or my second which was a Philips. Both now sadly in the
    great recorder graveyard.


    Remove giggling if replying by email
    Margaret Willmer, Dec 23, 2003
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  2. Hrvoje

    Andrew Batey Guest

    My parents have an Akai that does it as well
    When you insert a tape it does show zero but you hit the display button
    and it shows "Tape Remaining" which it what I understood the OP wanted.

    My Sanyo (sub £100 from Currys - I know, I know!) does the same but when
    you hit the "Tape Remaining" button. I find it very useful when I grab
    a tape to record a film at the last minute to see whether the film will fit.

    There were a few models with the same facility when I was buying in the
    Sales last year. I believe the feature was called "Tape Remaining
    indicator" in the shops (Currys, Comet, etc) and possibly also by the

    Andrew Batey, Dec 23, 2003
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  3. Frae Auld Bob Peffers:
    What you guys have there are machines that use, "Time Code". This is
    recorded on the tape by good camcorders, VCRs and editing gear. Your
    machines will not show the time code on non-recorded tapes. The thing to do
    with fresh tape is to, "Stripe", it by running it through the machine and
    recording it blank. Then when you come to edit the time code is always
    correct and the edit-in and edit-out points are pre-set.
    Robert Peffers, Dec 23, 2003
  4. Hrvoje

    Tony Morgan Guest

    I dunno about that Keith. The trend at the moment seems to be *towards*
    hard disks. Maybe in the not too distant future, perhaps DVD-RAM. There
    are various diverse reasons why I suggest this, but significantly:

    1. You can't get the length of video on DVD-R (or DVD+R) that you get
    on a conventional DVD (ever tried duping a DVD to DVD-R/DVD+R
    without using DVD Shrink?).

    2. DVD-RW and DVD+RW often start to "fall-out" after about
    20 re-records. DVD-RAM gives 100,000 re-records (especially the
    cartridge type). Then of course you can now get 9.4GB DVD-RAMs..

    3. The need to buy DVD-R/DVD+R disks would (in my view) be
    unacceptable to the general public.

    4. You'll get about 50 hours of video on an 80GB hard disk, which will
    cost in the order of £60.

    Personally, I would like to see "exchangeable" hard disks used as the
    norm for domestic video recorders (with a conventional DVD reader
    included for compatibility). In the early days of computer hard disks
    these were extensively used (the one that stands out in my mind was a
    drive that had one fixed and one exchangeable platter). The footprint of
    a standard 5.25" hard drive in a case would (IMHO) be acceptable to
    most. And then, of course, like most things the cost of hard drives will
    gradually go down.

    It will by mightily interesting to see how things develop over the next
    few years in the "domestic" video recorder marketplace.
    Tony Morgan, Dec 23, 2003
  5. Hrvoje

    Tony Morgan Guest

    In message <UNjtbwK0g+5$>, Keith Laws
    I'm not suggesting that *your* VCR doesn't do it (nor that you dad's

    What I *am* saying is that the overwhelming majority of current model
    VCRs *do not* do it.

    Nor am I saying that you can't buy a VCR that does it, but you're
    unlikely to see such models in the high-street stores, and that the
    price is significantly higher than the "norm".

    I'd also add that for most people, such a feature is not a "must-have" -
    and indeed most wouldn't select their VCR on the basis of that
    particular feature (or for that matter even understand it).
    Tony Morgan, Dec 23, 2003
  6. Hrvoje

    Dominic Fenn Guest

    I hate to contradict, Bob, but that's not what the OP, Andrew or Keith were
    talking about. (See other messages on this subject.)

    My VCR has the function they mention, too, and it works perfectly well on
    totally blank tapes. I actually won this VCR (a Toshiba something or other)
    in a competition 9 years ago, when its RRP was £500. Expensive by today's
    standards, but not excessively so back then. I'd assumed it would now be a
    standard feature, but it seems not...
    Dominic Fenn, Dec 23, 2003
  7. Hrvoje

    Keith Laws Guest

    True, I had forgotten about those.
    But imagine kids getting hold of removeable hard drives! They would not
    last very long!
    Yep, surely with DVD players under £50 now there must be loads of people
    realising they dont actually record very much and a DVD player does
    playback so much better. I am convinced VHS will be dead quite soon,
    although obviously there is a lot of inertia in the market.
    Keith Laws

    What's my solution?

    Keith Laws, Dec 23, 2003
  8. Hrvoje

    Keith Laws Guest

    I had a look through the Panasonic website at lunchtime. All the VCRs I
    looked at, in the £100 to £200 range, didn't say anything about tape
    remaining indications, but they did all have auto SP/LP switch over.
    Making an assumption that this works the same way as it does on my VCR
    (when it gets too close to the end of the tape for the remainder of the
    programmed shows to fit in SP mode it switches to LP to ensure you don't
    miss them) then it must know how much tape is left and therefore I am
    confident that the display can be made to show the remaining time.
    Obviously I dont have one to play with in front of me, so I cant be 100%
    sure, but I am pretty close to it.
    I have a feeling many people have it but dont know about it.
    Keith Laws

    What's my solution?

    Keith Laws, Dec 23, 2003
  9. Hrvoje

    Jerry. Guest

    But they were prepared to buy VHS tape....

    But you can share them with family like you can with either VHS or disc's
    (of what ever flavour)....
    Jerry., Dec 23, 2003
  10. Hrvoje

    Jerry. Guest

    NO, you said "AFAIK the "normal" domestic VCR hasn't got this facility (nor
    ever has).", so you WERE saying that VCR's do not (and have never had) this

    Just admit you have been proved WRONG yet again Mr Morgan.
    NO, you said "AFAIK the "normal" domestic VCR hasn't got this facility (nor
    ever has).", so you WERE saying that VCR's do not (and have never had) this

    Just admit you have been proved WRONG yet again Mr Morgan.
    Most people do want to know how much tape is left, rather important to know
    if the omnibus edition of their favourite 'soap' will fit....
    Plonker of the Year !
    Jerry., Dec 23, 2003
  11. Hrvoje

    Jerry. Guest

    Two or three years ago that was not expencive for a VCR, of what ever
    flavour. It's only within the last year or so that VCR prices have dropped
    to mach the build quality.... :~((
    Jerry., Dec 23, 2003
  12. Hey Jerry, how about losing the "I'm paranoid about Tony Morgan" and
    post some useful replies (check your last reply to a newbie and his
    opinion of it). Or of course you could reply to my last question to
    you which you somehow seem to have "fail to read".

    There is of course the option of making derogatory remarks on all your
    posts whether bad or good for the rest of time. But of course this
    would make me seem like a loser too.

    Get a life or go join the "professionals" who you can't get to seem to
    hang out with. Sorry you already tried that with the call to start the
    "I'm a professional, hate Tony Morgan and won't give you any useful
    answers anyway" Newsgroup.

    Tony may not be right all the time but he normally tries to help which
    neither you or the "Teacher" do.

    You may find it strange but newbie can very soon spot the "I'm full of
    it plonker" from the "tries to help".

    Before you ask why I don't post more often it's because this is cause
    much of this not my specialist subject. I you want to know how to
    mount a DV on the top or side of a helmet for use in skydive video
    recording, I'm your man. Some of the problems that arise are :-
    Condensation due to climate change thru 12,500ft,
    125mph wind speeds,
    Manual focusing, etc (auto doesn't work),
    Lining up the helmet mounted site,
    Modifying the camera to show the record light on the site,
    Modifying a stills camera to be mouth operated (either a suck or blow
    Making sure the whole fixture could be ejected with one simple action
    in the case of an emergency (build in a small drogue chute to try to
    limit the damage on landing),
    And packing the Wife's parachute so it didn't rip her head off when
    she deployed the chute (you try that sort of deceleration force on
    your neck)

    All she had to do was video the subjects moving independently in 3D
    whilst she was also moving in 3D. Plus lining up the shots, keeping
    the sun in the correct position, knowing where she was in space, i.e
    height and position relative to the landing point (given freefall
    drift and wind speed+direction).

    Pat Carpenter
    Blue Skies
    Pat Carpenter, Dec 25, 2003
  13. As for spelling "Sight" as "Site" I could use one of the following
    excuses :

    It was my spell checker - but it wasn't
    I was under the influence of either alcohol or drugs - but I wasn't
    The dog ate my homework - but we don't have a dog
    I forgot my contacts - but I wear glasses
    I was distracted by my wife in her underwear - always true but she
    wasn't there
    My dictionary was abducted by aliens - untrue they only took the
    English-French version

    Real reason is that I am an engineer hence can't spell, just like
    doctors who can't write.

    Blue Skies
    Pat Carpenter
    Pat Carpenter, Dec 27, 2003
  14. Hrvoje

    Jerry. Guest

    <snip a load of waffle>

    How about not posting when you are obviously p$Sed ?

    Or you could always try reading (and comprehending the other threads in) the
    group before placing finger to keyboard and making an utter fool of

    PS, I do know a bit about jumping out of aircraft, my father was doing it
    before you (and possibly your parents) were even thought of.
    Jerry., Dec 28, 2003
  15. Strange how people who don't wish to address the comments of others
    always snip them out. Hence hoping any readers won't compare the
    enquiries to the replies.

    You seem to have a problem with answering questions, I wonder why? Was
    I pissed when I wrote it ? 'Fraid not just fed up of your paranoid

    Of course if you knew anything about the subject you would know that
    your father's experience was totally different. He must have been
    parachuting during the war in a life or dead situation, where the
    equipment was as likely to kill you as the enemy. Where as I skydive
    using hi-tech materials, multiple safety systems and an emergency
    electronic fired reserve. After all the camcorder /electronics were
    but just a dream in his day. It took guts to do what he did, a trait
    that seems to have been lost by his offspring.

    Which bit of "Camera Newbie wants advice ..." reply to your
    contribution didn't I understand? Or was it the irony/sarcasm that you
    missed and somehow thought he was actually thanking you?

    Which bit of my previous newsgroup question to you didn't you read and
    comprehend? After all it was a simple put-up or shut-up. May be you
    could try a little less selective reading yourself.

    A happy New Year to all
    Pat Carpenter

    ps note I at least always sign mine with my real name etc.
    Pat Carpenter, Dec 28, 2003
  16. Hrvoje

    Jerry. Guest

    Snip more bollox from the transsexual 'Pat' or do you really mean Patrick ?

    Just FOAD troll.

    [ follow ups set ]
    Jerry., Dec 29, 2003
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