Video recorder recommendation, please!

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Lyndon, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Lyndon

    Lyndon Guest

    I have seen this model of Sony video camera at an electronics store some
    time ago:


    This camera as I recall was 1080p and had niteshot.
    However, it had some features that were to me, excessive such as
    projection capabilities.

    So, what I am really looking for is a 1080[ video camera with niteshot
    capability. Probably better also would be flash recording capability,
    although not required unless digital video tape is going out of

    Any ideas?

    Lyndon, Jan 9, 2014
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  2. Lyndon

    Brian Guest

    I didn't buy this camera as I had no real use for the build in projector
    that does not have a bright light so you can only project it on a small
    screen. I brought the CX700 camera a few years ago. I liked the large
    number of features that Sony cameras have to offer.
    I suggest that you take a look at the sony site as it will give you the
    features that their current cameras have.
    There are lots of reviews on different makes and models of cameras on the
    internet that are worth searching for in google. Youtube has also reports
    on video cameras that can show the actual recording from certain video

    It also depends on the type of use you have for a video camera as to what
    video camera can be suggested. Most video cameras use a SD memory card to
    record on.

    You might also want to consider a still photo camera as most still photo
    cameras can record in full HD video.

    My video camera has infrared for seeing in the dark and for low lighting
    conditions the shutter speed slows down which is good as long as the
    subject is not moving. I have a flash on the camera for taking still photos
    in low light conitions.
    Brian, Jan 9, 2014
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  3. My opinion (but backed up by some evidence...;-) is that
    for image-quality (especially sharpness), Panasonic video
    cameras, and also their still cameras (especially the ones
    near the top of their consumer-level lines), simply take
    the best-looking video - even though others can now shoot
    the same-spec. video (but it doesn't look as good!). Tape
    has "gone out of fashion", but it is still available - but
    it is difficult to find camcorders that still shoot "HDV".
    The image-quality of "AVCHD 28Mbps 1920x1080-50/60P"
    footage generally looks better than 1440x1080-25/30I HDV
    (and best with the Panasonics), but it is FAR harder to
    edit that compared with HDV, and also it's somewhat harder
    to edit it than 17Mbps 1920x1080-30I. I think the Panasonic
    camcorders have a form of "color nightshot", and Sony's
    could shoot green IR using some IR on-camera illumination
    provided that was OK out to a few feet...
    David Ruether, Jan 9, 2014
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