Video Shot by a Guy I that was referred to my client

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Jack Perry, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Jack Perry

    Jack Perry Guest

    Hi there

    I'm sorry to post this in more than one spot, but

    Here's the deal

    Someone referred a guy to one of my clients to shoot

    a red carpet event out in the hamptons a few weeks ago.

    Sent out by the client with a Sony PD150, He came back with this:

    Here are a few questions that if answered, would be very helpful to this

    self-styled "Video Ographer"

    What is your opinion of the technical quality of this video footage?

    Would you be happy if you were the paying client and this footage was
    brought back to you to use on your Television Show?

    Do you think this Video ographer is of a professional skill level?

    What suggestions do you have for this video guy for future paying job?

    The "video ographer" swears that his zebras were 70% on the subjects
    face and that he did everything he could to expose correctly

    Thank you for any comments

    ------ Jack Perry
    Jack Perry, Sep 10, 2008
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  2. Jack Perry

    ushere Guest

    yep, colour bars look ok.

    didn't you ask to see a showreel?
    ushere, Sep 10, 2008
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  3. I hope nobody actually paid him. I can get more watchable results from
    the cigarette pack sized thing I carry in my pocket all the time when
    it's in in full auto mode. Nice colour bars, though.
    John Williamson, Sep 10, 2008
  4. Jack Perry

    Tony Guest

    Not too good. The first part is boring and has a tree in the center of the shot as if that is the
    focal point. Christy Brinkley shot was way over-exposed for the most part. He wasnt good at getting
    a good framed shot.
    Since TV would probably only use a a few seconds of it, it would be ok. If it were to use a minute,
    then it wouldnt be too good.
    Looks like a beginner to me
    Learn to use the camera. You need to know how to close the iris, fame shots, quickly zoom and frame,
    get wide establishing shots and all shots including medium, close up, etc.
    It looked too overexposd. Sometimes you need to use your eyes and not always trust the levels on a
    camera. Maybe the camera needs to be calibrated.
    Youre welcome

    Tony, Sep 15, 2008
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