Videocam Sony DCR-IP7E movieshaker 3.1 device not connected

Discussion in 'Sony' started by dogufo, Nov 17, 2021.

  1. dogufo


    Nov 17, 2021
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    by connecting the camera correctly and opening and setting up the camera software correctly, the camera is not detected by the capture software. In device manager the video card is installed correctly. The cable is not damaged. Could not find drivers to solve the problem.
    Online I read, regarding the software movieshaker 3.1:

    Operating System:

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (hereafter, Windows 2000)
    Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (hereafter, Windows Me). or
    Microsoft Windows XP Home/Professional
    It is necessary for the aboe operating systems to been installed at the factory.
    We cannot be responsible for any later upgrades that may have been made in the environment.
    Please note; You do not have to have your OS installed at the factory. I have used it on an IBM ThinkCentre m57 with Windows XP Pro and the unofficial SP4 and it works fine, however, it comes bundled with Quicktime 5.x; in my testing it crashed under Quicktime 7 32-bit, the last version Apple supports for XP. Therefore, I would not upgrade Quicktime if you want to do anything with your footage other than import it.

    I can't understand the problem: can someone help me? :(

    camcorder SONY MICROMV DCR-IP7E - software Sony Movieshaker 3.1 for MicroMV
    motherboard AMERICAN MEGATRENDS AMIBIOS K7S5A release 29/10/2002
    processor AMD ATHLON XP1500+
    OS - WIN XP HOME SP1 32bit
    video card FIREWIRE DESKTOP KIT IEEE1394 brand SITECOM
    dogufo, Nov 17, 2021
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