Videoguys NAB 2007 report Part 1

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Gary Bettan, May 20, 2007.

  1. Gary Bettan

    Gary Bettan Guest

    Videoguys NAB 2007 Report Part 1: "A" is for Adobe, Apple, & Avid

    This year’s NAB started for us on Saturday, April 14th, two days
    before the actual show opened! We spent our weekend attending dealer
    and user events for with our vendors. The advantage of these events is
    that you get to spend a good amount of time watching presentations
    about the road map and new products for each company. These meetings
    are very cool and they tend to set the tone for the coming week.
    While Adobe, Avid and Apple all had very exciting news to share, we
    walked away realizing that while there was lots of sizzle, we had to
    dig a little bit deeper to find the steak. By the end of the show it
    was clear to us that our industry is at an interesting crossroads.

    We are clearly maturing. New products are more evolutionary then
    revolutionary, but they are also more powerful, stable and reliable
    than ever. At the same time, these mature products are taking us into
    a new and very exciting market - HD. With HD new challenges come and
    our vendors are working hard to offer you the best possible solutions.
    There are so many different HD formats and sub-formats. While we can
    compress HD footage into manageable file sizes, this compression makes
    editing and working with the footage difficult. If you choose to go
    uncompressed, you will require massive amounts of expensive storage.
    How you edit, process, use and manage your HD footage is what we call
    your workflow. This is where you will find the greatest differences
    between Adobe, Apple & Avid. No one workflow is the best. You have to
    find the one that is the best fit for you. Many times you may find
    that a combination of products from these 3 vendors gives you the
    ideal solution. In today’s video editing and production world, there
    is room for more than one set of tools in your toolbox.

    The Digital Video Editing & DVD Production Experts
    800 323-2325 or Free DTV tech advice (516) 759-1615

    All DTV purchases include our 30 day customer assurance program
    and FREE tech support
    Gary Bettan, May 20, 2007
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  2. Gary Bettan

    nappy Guest

    yawn. shrug, snooze.. spam.
    nappy, May 20, 2007
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