Viewing Photos in Internet Explorer Different to Windows Photo Gallery

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Ali, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Ali

    Ali Guest

    I have an 8 bit, sRGB, JPEG image (that I converted in Photoshop from a 16
    bit, Nikon sRGB, TIFF image, which I scanned using a Nikon 35mm negative

    When I open it in Internet Explorer 7, it looks exactly like it should.
    However, when I open it in Windows Photo Gallery (comes with Windows Vista),
    the contrast looks crap. The blacks aren't black anymore.

    Anyone know why this is?

    PS: Sorry for X-posting, but I don't know what category this falls into.
    Ali, Oct 4, 2007
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  2. Its because Photo Gallery uses ICC Profiles. Check the monitor profile
    being used. It should have appeared like that in graphics software, like
    Photoshop, as well, if you were using the correct ICC Profile. What have
    you embedded into the files when you were using Photoshop? I use sRGB or

    If you have been using the correct ICC profile on your scanner, and your
    monitor profile is correct, this is how the pictures should appear when you
    print them on a printer, which is using accurate profiles.

    So, if I had images that had poor contrast, after hacking the ICC profiles
    on all devices, I would correct them in Photoshop, using Curves.

    Synapse Syndrome, Oct 4, 2007
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  3. Photo Galley uses some "standard" color profile while Photoshop is
    capable of using many different which should give better results. How
    much control you have in Photoshop and how easy it easy to change
    depends on what version you're using. The last several versions of
    Photoshop have more refined color management features.

    I wouldn't use Photo Galley to print from. Restrict it to simply
    offering a quick way to browse your photos. You already have the best
    photo enhancement software on the planet in Photoshop. Do all your
    adjustment and PRINTING from it. End of story.

    I'll assume you know how to use Photoshop's powerful tools to adjust
    levels and curves which is the PROFESSIONAL way to make adjustments.
    Adam Albright, Oct 4, 2007
  4. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Hello Adam

    I am not looking to print the photo, it is just for viewing on PC screens,
    which is the main reason why I am using sRGB. I have already adjusted the
    image with curves, levels, hue/saturation, unsharp mask, etc. before
    converting the image to JPEG. However, the same final JPEG image appears
    very different in Windows Photo Gallery (blacks are not black) to PS and
    Ali, Oct 4, 2007
  5. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Hello Synapse Syndrome

    I must admit, colour spaces blow my mind. Therefore, maybe you are on the
    right lines.

    I have a Color Spyder, but after calibrating my monitors with it, I wasn't
    happy with the results as I could see it wasn't right. Therefore, I went
    back to Adobe Gamma.

    Could there be a conflict? For example, Photo Gallery is using the old
    Color Spyder profile, but PS CS and IE7 are using Adobe Gamma?
    Ali, Oct 4, 2007

  6. There was somebody else with this problem here a couple of days ago, and it
    seems to be a common problem with Photo Gallery:

    Most of the soultions that I have glanced at seem to involve making sRGB
    IEC61966-2.1 your monitor profile.

    This seems to be a stupid thing to do, just to make things look okay in
    Photo Gallery, as it will mess everything else up, as you will not be able
    to see the colours properly corrected for your particular monitor.

    Unless there is a better solution there, maybe you should forget about Photo
    Gallery and use something like Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom or ACDSee Pro

    Synapse Syndrome, Oct 4, 2007
  7. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Hello Synapse Syndrome

    Thank you for your reply. To be honest, I don't use Windows Photo Gallery
    myself. But, I was seeing how the image would be displayed on a PC where
    this was the default image viewer.
    Ali, Oct 4, 2007
  8. I have had confusing problems regarding ICC profiles in the past as well.

    IIRC, I had some problem with a profile being used for my screen in Windows,
    as well as the Adobe Gamma applied one, was overcorrecting in Photoshop,
    resulting in a colour-cast. Or it was something about some element of the
    graphics card drivers, where some colour table was being misapplied. I
    tried to look in my Google Groups usenet history, posting to the Photoshop
    groups, but I cannot find the conversations.

    I really think it is just some bug in Photo Gallery, in your case, as it is
    a common problem. If they appear as you expect on other computers, the
    files themselves should be fine.

    Synapse Syndrome, Oct 4, 2007
  9. I suspect that they will appear fine in Photo Gallery, once the sRGB profile
    is stripped out.

    Synapse Syndrome, Oct 4, 2007
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