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    Images free for personal non-commercial use only © Dave Henniker

    Here's a list of recently uploaded files to my web site at:

    Princes Street page 6

    Waverley Station (west view 2) 1024 x 768 172K
    There are two ramps connecting the train station to Waverley Bridge.
    This is how the entrance ramp looks in 2002. Compare this with the
    picture from the '70s on page 1 of this section.

    Waverley Station Ramp 03 1152 x 864 227K
    Essentially the same picture as the one above but from further away
    through a long lens. The perspective is radically different.

    Leith page 10

    Platinum Point 1152 x 864 281K
    A new housing development which will undoubtedly do as the sign says
    and provide a new perspective on Edinburgh. The other sign proclaims
    'an exclusive development of apartments, duplexes and penthouses'.
    Great things are afoot, we are assured.

    a luxurious lifestyle 1152 x 864 152K
    Further east on Ocean Drive is this view towards Western Harbour. A
    long blue fence borders the north side of the road. The fence is
    adorned with the promise of a luxurious lifestyle (on the other side
    of the fence).

    George Brown Building 1152 x 864 233K
    Previously featured in RedCarBlueDoor in Leith page 7. The June
    sunshine shows the immaculate, white-painted brickwork off to full

    Albert Dock 00 1152 x 864 282K
    Photographed from the mouth of Victoria Dock beside Ocean Drive.

    Persevere Court 1152 x 864 210K
    Looking up North Junction Street from the corner of Lindsay Road and
    Britannia Way.

    Flourmill 18 1152 x 864 166K
    Yet another view of this ubiquitous landmark. If what remains of the
    Granton Gasworks goes, then pilots may substitute this as a visual
    reference point.

    Shore 0406b 1152 x 864 270K
    The George Brown building featured above but with a wider view showing
    the waterside restaurants and pubs.

    New Kirkgate 1152 x 864 184K
    The entrance to a shopping mall just off Great Junction Street.

    Bruntsfield and Beyond 2 More Meadows

    Melville Drive 06 Wild Thing 1152 x 864 291K
    I was passing as the funfair was packing up and leaving town, and
    snapped this shot of a lorry-sized portion of one of the rides. The
    picture was taken on the north Side of Melville Drive facing east
    (opposite Meadow Place).

    Middle Meadow 04 1152 x 864 303K
    The first of a few pictures taken on the 12th of June '04, the day of
    the Nude Cycle Ride. This was one of several such events around the
    world. Apparently there was nudity at the other end of the ride
    through the city, but there's none here. At first, the cyclists were
    outnumbered by the photographers.

    Meadows 11 Cricket 1152 x 864 275K
    Not far away there were several relaxed games of cricket taking place.

    Middle Meadow 08 1024 x 768 125K
    A lone photographer stands amongst the walkers at the foot of the
    slope down from Teviot Place and Forrest Road. He looks rather like a
    young Al Pacino. Maybe he's with these three other guys; they could be
    his minders.

    Middle Meadow 09 Police 1152 x 864 97K
    There was quite a high police presence on The Meadows that day,
    hovering discreetly about nearby in case they were needed. They were
    too gregarious to hover discretely, however. In this picture you can
    see the standard equipment for apprehending villains and helping Laura
    Norder prevail.

    Middle Meadow 14 1024 x 768 186K
    The cyclist convoy sets off about 1.15pm, starting from Melville Drive
    and heading north towards the city centre. Lots of happy, smiling
    faces but only partial nudity so far.

    Middle Meadow 15 1152 x 864 133K
    Skateboards and other self-propelled wheeled vehicles were welcome,
    and here's a couple of skateboarders tagging on behind the cyclists,
    going up the hill closer to their usual home at Bristo Square.
    Question: Do skateboarders swap feet periodically to avoid developing
    one powerful buttock and one puny one?

    Middle Meadow 17 1152 x 864 415K
    Looking south along the double avenue of trees lining Middle Meadow

    Meadows 12 Jawbone Walk 1152 x 864K
    Cherry Blossom trees line the footpath Jawbone Walk. Cyclists have
    their own lane in Middle Meadow Walk, and a specially constructed
    cyclists' crossing and lane at Melville Drive leading to the other end
    of Jawbone Walk, but there's always some antisocial miscreant being an
    asshole here to save the effort of an extra 200 metres on a flat
    surface. Shame on you, for giving the rest of us a bad name.

    Meadows 13 Jawbone Walk 1152 x 864 390K
    And here is the other end of Jawbone Walk, complete with the arch
    after which it's named. The leafy trees provide shade from the June
    sunshine. The 19th March picture on the previous page

    Pentland Hills Various Views and Signs

    Allermuir View nw07 1152 x 864 135K
    A shaft of sunlight illuminates one of the pink bings which dominate
    the landscape between Broxburn and Winchburgh. I think the mountain in
    the left background is Ben Ledi.

    Legal Stuff:

    Images free for personal non-commercial use only © Dave Henniker.
    This means you can use them for your personal collection of wallpaper.
    You must not exchange them or use any as part of a money-making
    transaction, e.g. as part of a compilation on CD or other media.

    Permission is necessary to use any of my work on leaflets, book
    covers, magazines etc. Any images copied to another website must
    include links to my website.

    Hopefully there's something there you like.
    regards Dave.

    2000 hi-resolution photos especially Edinburgh &
    Scotland. Also 3D rendered art & altered images.
    * No advertisements *
    Dave, Jun 19, 2004
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