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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Dave, May 5, 2004.

  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

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    Images free for personal non-commercial use only © Dave Henniker

    Views of Edinburgh Page 7 -- 3 from the castle & more from the Scott

    A l-o-n-g page featuring long-lens photos

    Marchmont Road 1152 x 864 267K
    A reasonably good picture of Marchmont Road as seen from Edinburgh
    Castle's Half Moon Battery on a dull day. The flat light tends to make
    the flattened perspective of a long lens seem almost isometric. The
    bungalows at the back are on Blackford Hill near Observatory Road,
    1.7Km from the foreground of Warrender Park Terrace.

    Spottiswoode Street 1152 x 864 286K
    Further east lies Spottiswoode Street leading away from Bruntsfield
    Links towards Thirlestane Road and Warrender Baths. The backdrop of
    gorse bushes and trees is provided by Blackford Hill.

    Tollcross 2004 1152 x 864 252K
    The Tollcross junction, looking down High Riggs into Home Street. The
    bus stop at the Cameo Cinema has been recently reintroduced. A yellow
    concrete block supports the current bus stop notice. Photographed from
    Edinburgh Castle.

    Western Approach 7 1152 x 864 211K
    Behind the substantial metal footbridge are some trannies -- no, not
    transvestites but colourful transformers in fetching shades of cyan,
    magenta, blue and pale beige and grey. It's as if they're saying that
    they're proud of their presence and function.

    St Cuthbert's 1152 x 864 322K
    You can take a pleasant walk through the grounds of this church.
    Beyond it lies the red sandstone building of the Caledonian Hotel.
    Faintly visible in the far distance is Kirknewton, The 'Five Sisters'
    shale tip, and at the right, the trees on the ridge between Wilkieston
    and Ratho.

    Camera Obscura 2 1152 x 864 163K
    The white tower is the Camera Obscura, a visitor attraction. It stands
    amongst some interesting old architecture with a backdrop provided by
    Allermuir, one of the Pentland Hills.

    St Christopher's Inn 1152 x 864 197K
    In Market Street the roof on the left has trees growing on it. The
    taller building is quite old but its sign appears to have been
    designed using the Comic Sans MS font, in upper case. Nevertheless,
    more discreet than some garish hotel signs - and made of discrete
    letters, too.

    SM View NE01 1152 x 864 100K
    I don't know the name of this building but I think its been a clothes
    store of one sort or another for decades. It's at the corner of
    Princes Street and South St Andrew Street. The camera is facing more
    east than north and is looking out over the Firth of Forth to the
    North Sea.

    Leith Waterloo 01 1152 x 864 248K
    Looking down from the Scott Monument to the equestrian statue of the
    Duke of Wellington beside the junction of Leith Street and Waterloo
    Place. The horse and rider are looking up North Bridge.

    North Bridge 13 1152 x 864 210K Somehow I imagine this as a scene
    from an Alfred Hitchcock film. Currently (May 2004) Edinburgh is
    finding favour for filming. St Stephen's Street and Old College are
    both being used.

    SM View NE00 1152 x 864 233K
    See SM View NE01 (up 3 images) and compare. This shot was taken from
    higher up. Consequently the view has a different background with
    contrasting styles of architecture.

    Inverleith Row 01 1152 x 864 303K
    The entire length of this street from Canonmills to Ferry Road. In the
    foreground is the curve of Brandon Terrace with the roof of Standard
    Life HQ on the left. George Heriot's Rugby Football Club is about
    halfway towards the Ferry Road junction.

    Calton Road 20 1152 x 864 259K
    The main railway line south from Waverley Station tunnels under Calton
    Hill while Calton Road disappears under the railway at the foot of New
    Street before re-emerging and winding its way east to Abbeyhill and
    the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

    Market Street 03 1152 x 864 189K
    A covered walkway leads up a few step from Waverley Station to Market
    Street. Across the street at the right of the picture is the arched
    entrance to the bottom of the spiral steps leading up to North Bridge.

    Radical Road 07 1152 x 864 233K
    The majestic cliffs of Salisbury Crags dominate the Edinburgh Skyline.
    The Radical Road is a fairly easy walk along the base of the cliffs
    and affords views almost as good as from the more precipitous path
    along the top.

    Jenners 08 1152 x 864 206K
    The statue might be holding up her hand in horror at the smoker having
    a cigarette with her coffee, or maybe protecting herself from pigeons
    because the anti-bird netting only covers the balconies and windows.

    Jenners 09 758 x 864 178K
    A fancy little copper covered dome on Jenners' roof.

    SM View NW3 1152 x 864 307K
    This concludes this long page through a long lens. This is a view over
    the roof tops towards the northern slopes of Corstorphine Hill.

    All my photographs are free for non-commercial use only, e.g. desktop
    wallpaper but none must appear on any media whether paper, magnetic,
    optical or electronic as part of a commercial transaction. Copyright
    remains with me, Dave Henniker. If you want to use any images for a
    leaflet, pamplet, book etc. then you must ask my permission first.


    1900 hi-resolution photos especially Edinburgh &
    Scotland. Also 3D rendered art & altered images.
    * No advertisements *
    Dave, May 5, 2004
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  2. Dave

    Alex Hunsley Guest


    Some fantastic pictures, Dave! Unusual to see Edinburgh so close from so far,
    if you catch my drift... exactly what sort of lense setup were you using, out
    of interst? Or you could point me to relevant page on your site if such a one
    exists, I couldn't find one on my forage just now...

    Alex Hunsley, May 5, 2004
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  3. Dave

    L.Gracie Guest

    Absolutely love your photos Dave. I have come across your website before
    and enjoyed looking at your work immensely. However I am biased as I do
    come from Edinburgh myself!

    Lesley Gracie
    L.Gracie, May 5, 2004
  4. The power transformers in Edinburgh are so festive looking!

    I was tempted to yell "I can see my house from here!", but I live in the

    Nice pictures. What setup did you use?
    Brian C. Baird, May 5, 2004
  5. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Thanks to Alex Hunsley and L.Gracie, too, for your kind comments.

    I'm using an Olympus E-10 (4 MPixel) SLR digital camera with a
    permanently attached zoom lens with the Tcon300S extension for the
    long shots. The effective focal length is equivalent to 420mm on a
    35mm film camera or roughly an 8x zoom.

    Due to the size of the lens and camera it's reasonably fast and a
    tripod is only necessary in poor light. My E-10 stuff weighs about 3
    Kilos so I carry a small Sony camera about for opportunistic stuff.

    regards Dave.

    1900 hi-resolution photos especially Edinburgh &
    Scotland. Also 3D rendered art & altered images.
    * No advertisements *
    Dave, May 5, 2004
  6. Dave

    Angus Guest

    Great stuff as always Dave.

    Angus, May 5, 2004
  7. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Here's images of my current in-use cameras in a composite picture with
    elements of 3D Studio and Photoshop etc. A Sort of representation of
    where my head is at, for better or worse... ;o)

    The cameras are roughly to scale but the E-10 is longer than it
    appears here. The Kozmic background is from software I wrote for the
    Atari STFM.


    1900 hi-resolution photos especially Edinburgh &
    Scotland. Also 3D rendered art & altered images.
    * No advertisements *
    Dave, May 7, 2004
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